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hey, i'm jamie (:
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Quotes by jssx623



as hard to get, but that's because
she's been through a few things, seen a few things
b e e n    t h e r e    a n d    d o n e    t h a t ,
she's cold... yes, but only because
s h e   o n c e   c a r e d   a b o u t   s o m e o n e

who failed to 
care abouher,
she's built a fortress to protect her heart

from further damage.

you told her that you're different,

b u t   s h e   w o n ' t   b e l i e v e   i t   u n t i l   y o u   p r o v e   i t ,

words don't mean a thing,









i would leave anyone  to be with
the guy that love...even


[if that's notrulove, then don't know what is.]



it's likwant

you to know how i feel, but i don't wanna tell you.


"i will not text him."
just make him want to text me. that's easy. all i need to do, is wait a little. a little more... just a few more minutes. oh f*ck it, i need to text 

and i miss

how playful you were with me. i miss the way you would smile down at me, how you would playfully make fun of me. i miss how you were the only one i could talk to. i miss how you didn't care about sweaty hands or messy hair. i miss how you stood there and made me take my makeup off. i miss your laugh. i miss your hugs. i miss texting for hours and hours. i miss how you called me "baby". i miss how you'd pull me on top of you, just to say hi. i miss how you were protective of me. i miss the butterflies from when i thought about you. i miss how you kissed me spontaneously - in my kitchen closet, making cookies, playing games on my phone. i miss seeing your eyes light up when i saw you. i miss seeing your face at my front door when i told you i didnt feel good. i miss how you actually did love me, even though i was too stupid to see that. and i regret ever letting you go.

i'm sorry, i'm sorry that i'm such  an idiot.

< / 3



it's like walking around with an umbrella
waiting for it to rain.

hey guys, i'm back! go follow my new account for stories; 

pshh, silly teachers, they think we're actually gonna do summer reading, yeah right (;

Dear Boys,

if you ever find a girl who is willing

to put up with your bullshit and actually cares about you,

don't you dare give up on her.