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This is me! Dont hate :)
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Hello beautiful! I'm Julie. I blow out candles on January 27. I am 12 years old. I love my friends! I believe everyone is beautiful inside and out. I dont know where i would be without witty, My main pass time is dance, I go to dance classes 5 times a week. I love talking to people and giving advice. UNICORNS ARE REAL! I love music and i love singing. "I don't sing for the eyes, I sing for the ears" I love Adele. I love alot of music and i would like to be everyones friend! The pictures above are of my, family, and friends! I LOVE ONE DIRECTION.
The order of my love:
1) Harry 2) Louis 3) Niall 4) Liam 5) Zayn 
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Quotes by jtpanda1

It's unfair, she's out there

Somewhere in Brooklyn.

Hi Haters,
Kiss Kiss, Ill see you later
Hi Haters,
It was very very very nice to meet you


I dont wanna fight 
Dont wear no tights
& I cant fly
I'm no, I'm no


Cher Lloyd - Superhero <3




Remember all the things that you&I did first?
 And now your doing them with her



They shouldnt like you for your looks, A person worthy of love wont care about how you look, even at your worse. Only personality should count, someone who actually loves you willl love you for you.

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Everyone has 8 names

1. Real name: Julie

2. Detective Name: Blue Sheep (Favorite color and animal)

3. Gangster name: Julizzle (First 3 letters of your first name and add izzle)

4. Soap Opera Name: Fruit Catherine (Street you live on and your middle name)

5. Star Wars Name: Traca (First 3 letters of your last name and first 2 letters of your middle name)

6. Super Hero Name: Pink Milk (2nd favorite color& favorite drink.)

7. Witness Protection Program Name: Nicholas i think... (Fathers Middle Name)

8. Goth Name: Black Josie (Black and the name of a pet you've had or have)


I must say, Something about Harry Styles' 4 nipples turns me on o.O

Im gonna pick the world up
and imma drop it on your f*cking heaad.

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Shes the girl that no one ever knows
& I say 'Hi' but shes too shy to say 'Hello'

Shes just waiting for that one
To take her hand and shake her up

I Bet I Could