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My name is Jocelyn and I am 13. My birthday is on August 2nd and I loooove witty.
I'm in love with my dog, Jax. I have the best boyfriend in the world his name is Taylor♥.
I love to sing and to paint.
I'm naturally a very loud, random person. My friends would describe me as funny and hyper. I am good in school. I'm what some people call a 'goody-goody'. I love all my friends and we have awesome memories.;) I love you guys! You know who you are!!!!!

I am a strongly believe that everything happens for a reason. Even if that reason is unknown.


P.S.   My friend Jaila started calling me Juicelyn and the name just stuck. Just so you know... :)

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 From Your Childhood:
Mixing Together Both Flavors in Your Hoodsie Cup To Make The Best Tasting Chocolate Ice Cream in The World. ;)

Some people need to be high fived...
In the face...
With a chair...
Made of chainsaws...
That's on fire...
With Black widows on it
That eat people
With chopsticks
Soaked in acid
That have razors at the end of them
That squirt lemon juice
(Keep it going! Add more!)

I Was Soooooo Stoked When I Logged On and Saw This:


 Thank You ;)

 Remember When You Were Little:
You Pretended To Be Asleep Just To Get Carried in From The Car.
I Get My Braces Off. I Have 1 Hour 20 Minutes Left With Them. Can't Wait Fave If You Have Braces.


I Love This Format!!!!
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h a a z a a h h h ' s f o r m a t


Confessions # 1I

My Name is Jocelyn and I'm only about 4'10. ;D LOL

That Sad Moment When
Cool Math Games Is Older Than You.