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Hi guys :)

I'm Juliette, 15, Australia

My friends and family and church are my life and
sometimes i write songs as a release.
I think hugs were the best thing invented and
thats me really :)
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Rule of Life 5 

You can never have too much glue

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Rule of Life 4  

All problems can be solved with a hammer, some nails, glue and some

duct tape

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Rule of Life 3   

Sometimes following the pictures makes more sense than the written


and thats ok

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i've been trying to convince her she's beautiful but iim failing. she thinks im biased
i think that maybe if strangers tell her she'll feel better?

Tell me what you think:


ok so this is my first ever attempt at a song. it doesn't have a melody but these are some of the words, feedback anyone?

It used to be a safe place
Where i could smile and no one knew
Where you were there for me
and when you smiled i felt free
and like the things i thought were all untrue
But then you went and changed it all
spreading lies, no truths were told
and left me feeling like this everytime i left
why'd you do this to me?
i thought i didnt care
but then you look at her 
and i feel so replaced and so worthless
and i hate that i care so much
did you just make it up
to get to my heart
why dont you understand i didnt even care that much
but then something changed and now its not the same
i feel like you've torn me apart
and i hate that i care so much
and the happiness that you used to give me
has gone, nothing left, its all fleed
you make me feel worse not better
and i hate that i care so much

  Rule of Life 2

If you stare at someone long enough, eventually you'll get what you want.
  Rule of Life 1

Sometimes a hug is all you need- One good cuddle can change a grumpy day-HUGS always feel good
My Friend Cut. What am i supposed to do???
She also started throwing up after she eats.
►Watch this:


you'll thank me, i promise :)

So witty I need help:   

I have watched all the TV shows and movies I said I

I would watch over the holidays (in the first week)

and I need suggestions for what I should watch


I have watched:

Pretty Little Liars

Gossip Girl (all 5 seasons!)

Game of Thrones

Call the Midwife



So if you guys have any TV shows that I haven't 

yet and you think I should please comment :)

Thank you if you read this :) and yes I know I have 

no life.