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That Awkward Moment When...

You're at your friends house and thier parents are screaming at them and you're just like

Wow.That's a nice wall...

Mean Girls In Shakespeares  Time.........

Four go out to thee Glen coco
thou doth succeed Glen coco!
Admit It #5

You've never heard anyone say "Oh let's yahoo it"
Doing nothing is very hard to do.....

you never know when you're done.


It's taken me three years to make this but i finally reached it. Thanks to my followers for keeping me
on witty 100 favs for ny 100th quote? hahaha jk you dont have too :D

Admit It #4

We have all
tried to keep a diary or journal and failed epically.
That really attractive

dance you do trying to get into your skinny
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I just wanted to thank you all so much and people i do not follow for liking my quotes.

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Best Friend: Hey come here :)

Me: Why?

Best Friend: Just come here!

Me: NO! You're gonna hit me!

Anyone Else?
I have reached 100 followers.

I am halfway to my goal of followers i would like to reach in order to complete my witty bucket list

So if you follow me i'd like to say thank you so much and thank you so much for liking my quotes. You guys rock!

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