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Quotes by juju5068

Birthday's Then...

Birthday's Now....

Restarting The Whole Song...

Because you missed your favorite part
Charging your phone for 5 minutes
before you leave...


because you think it will make a difference.
Admit It #3

When you were
little you thought a "serial" killer was someone who murdered cereal
Admit It #2

At one point in your life, you have stuck a ball up your shirt and pretended to be pregnant
Admit It #1

Once you hate someone,everything they do becomes offensive
*conversation with a teacher*

Teacher:"Have you completed you're homework?"
Me: "Have you graded my test?"
Teacher: "I have other students test to grade"
Me: "I have other teachers homework to do"
Teacher *walks away*
So I Have Made Myself a Witty
Bucket List

1.) Is to get a quote with 300+ favs
2.) Too find a Witty BFF
3.) To get 200+ followers

I know none of this will probs happen but its nice to have goals. Hopefully one day it will :D

If laughing were a sport,


id be a professional

When a guy smells nice,

He is automatically way more attractive.

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