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Quotes by juju5068


Some people look into your face and say;
Wow she 's pretty.

Some people look at your eyes and say;
I think I like her.

Some people look at your smile and say; I can make it bigger...

But the right guys look into your heart and say;
I wanna be with her
Yes! Finally Done!

Did you do the back?



Calling someone Ugly wont make you prettier

Calling someone fat wont make you skinnier

Calling someone stupid wont make you smarter

Calling someone weak wont make you stronger

Stop with all the hate and judgements

                                                                You want to impress me?

Act your age....

                                                                                                       Not your shoe size

"it's a long story..."

jki'm just to lazy to tell you.
                                                        Cause I am not a word, I am not a line
                                                        I am not a girl that can ever be defined

Nicki Minaj and Rihanna - Fly

gdfkldskflsdk F                          

Dream like you'll
live forever
live like you'll
Die Tomorrow

Funny Glee Quotes # 7



Mike: I got an A- on my test

Tina: You got an Asian F?

Funny Glee Quotes # 6


Teacher: What's the capital of Ohio?

Brittany: O

Teacher: What? Do you even know who the President is?

Brittany: william


Funny Glee Quotes # 5

Sue: Will, may i buy a diaper for you chin because it looks like a baby's butt



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