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hi... idk what to say. but i really really like this kid jake. && i have for a wile. i wish he liked me like i like him. c= peace out chicketa's

Quotes by juklia

runing away from home is like runing away from love.

i just can't do it.
i will miss it TOO much!

i will always be coming back for more.
My eyes wont shut!
my heart was struck.

It's raining outside,
&& so are mi eyes.

I love him still,
or do i not?
Eyes half open,
hearts mostly broken.

Why can't you see...?
tht we are ment to be!

We can get threw this together.
We'll mend our hearts together.
Trying to write without words,
trying to sing without the song.

Looking for something I can't see.
writing a song tht just wont be!

It's like a love song without love...
a break-up without the tears.
like you && me.
just will never be.
         <  o  >

a flower? 
haha i tryed
My frends && mi heart say to take a chance.
"Just ask him...&& if he says "NO" then move on"

Well mi guts cramp up when he signs on.
I get scared to do it.
I always say i am lonley && every thing.
But then when i have a chance to ask,
I just like can't.
Let your heart lead you to your dreams.
Let your dreams lead you to reality.
&& make your dreams come true.
You get the best of both worlds.
A dream is a wish your heart makes,
when your fast asleep.
Let your heart lead you to your dreams.
But when you wake up,
It is all back to the crappy life it always has been.
Make your reality a dream come true.
Risk yourself for the things you love.
Make it worth wile to wake up every day.
So you get the best of both worlds.
tears feels good rushing down mi face on these hot summer days.


or is tht just mi excuse for crying because of him...?
Don't make fun of him...
&& if you do,
i wont care!
Because i know who he is, && tht i like him.
You DON'T need to like him too.
&& you don't even need to be frends with him,

all i ask for is tht you don't make fun of him...!