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heyy my names julia..i like being called julezz..im crazy funny fun to be with,outgoing have an amazing personalityy, nice, i try anything new! yeaa i can get to be a bitch but everyone can i dont leet people get to me to easily, i like making friendss,im wierd,brave,smart,and clumssyyy.

things i like:

friends,guys,life,hugs,kisses,waffles,the mall,movies,elmo,aim,facebook,WITTY,oovoo, walkss,justin bieber,selenagomez,gamess,lax,hockey,cheerleading,basketball,football,
going on bike ridess,the pool,singing,dancing,acting trampoline,manhunt,tv,computer,family,ritas,starbuckks,waching baseball,and music,pacsun,aeroposale,abercrombie, aerie,nikes,hollsiter,pandora,andd plentyy moreee thingssssss!!!
i have light brown hair, my eyes are a hazel colorrr,and imm tall.

Quotes by juliaaisthebomx94

never put a period at the end of i love u cuz tht means ur love has an ending

okay so listen, dont let some stupid girl thts jealous of u put u down, they just want to see u break down infront of them sio they can feel they know how to control u,they say they hate u but wwhen rlly they wish they were u! oh and dont let guys make u cry cuz the ones tht are worth the tears wont make u cry!<3

singing just makes everything better<3
u just gotta beleive in me, beleive in us<3
and theres no guarentee that this life is easy<3

i miss u, i miss ur smile and i still shed a tear everyonce in a while</3
 Spell your name and see what it means;
A: hot 
B: loves people 
C: good kisser 
D: makes people laugh 
E: Has gorgeous eyes 
F: really wild  and crazy, adore you 
G: very outgoing 
:easy to fall in love with 
: loves to laugh and smile
J: is really sweet 
K: really silly 
L: smile to die for 
M: makes dating fun 
N: loving and caring 
: has one of the best personalities ever 
P: popular with all types of people 
Q: hyperactive 
R: good boyfriend or girlfriend 
S: cute 
T: very good kisser 
U: textaholic 
V: not judgmental 
W: very broad minded 
X: never let people tell you what to do 
Y: is loved by everyone 
Z: can be sweet and funny at times

J-is really sweet.
l-smile to die for.
i-loves to laugh and smile

Im not a perfect girl. My hair dosent always stay in place.I'm very clumsy. My friends and I sometimes fight. Some days nothing goes right. But when I think about it and take a step back I remember how amazing life is and maybe i could be perfect i just gotta be passionait and beleiving  and not letting anyone put me down and make me feel smqalller then them!
when u say u love me i get butterflies in my stomach and niw im seriously in luv with u y do u have to be so amazingg;;hot;;nicee ur  drug and im addicted to u<33