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J u l i a

Im Julia<3 im from New Jersey<3 i love basketball soccer and lacrosee<3 i have amazing friends and amazing guy friends<3 well thats all i really want to say about myselff<3

Forever and Alwayss
Julia Starr<3

Quotes by juliaxxstarrx13

i just hate this
this constant sadness and depression
the fact that i have nobody to turn to for help,
i dont have a real best friend anymore,
the person who i though would be there,
he never is.
he never was.
though i saved his life multiple times,
though i sat with him through thick and thin,
i recieve nothing in return.
i hate going to him with my problems lately,
he continuoulsy turns me down.
i hate this sadness. i hate this so much
i have to hide it, i have to be strong
because theyre are to many predators
just waiting to feast on my depression.
i hate the tears that sting my eyes
that cause me wrinkles and acne all over
nobody is there to hold me, to wipe my tears,
to even tell me everything will be okay
what if? i ask myself constantly
what if she doesnt make it?
what if somoething goes wrong?
what if i no longer have her with me?
but nobody cares. nobody but me.
i feel like a princess waiting in a tower
though its no prince charming i want
i want the mere comfort of a true friend
one that will last me a life time
one who will never let me go, no matter what
one who isnt going to tear me down
by their selfishness and rudeness.
in a situation as terrible as mine,
i need a rock solid person
who can get me through this hard time
who is willing to be my crutch
who wants to be there
im constantly scared
though i dont let anyone notice.
i tryy to smile and laugh
to rid the sadness and fear from my eyes
i tell myself i can do it alone
but the truth is, i really cant.

i need someone.

*sorry this is just a major vent.  i needed to type it up somewhere to vent everything out.  dont even bother reading this, its def. not worht your time.
I just read a conversation we had about a year ago,

me:  "aww you can live without me, that makes me depressed ): "

you:  "oh wait huh?  i could NEVER live without you"

Now im sitting on my bed crying because, dammit, i miss when that was true.
just  when you think
everything  is  going
right in your life . . .
* *  M  *  !
something  hits you
So  much    for   the     laughs
So     much    for    the     cries
So    much    for  the      jokes
Or      the         good        times
So   much  for  hanging   out
->  On our  friday  nights  <-
Because    lately,   with   you
its seemed like one big fight
I dont know what happened
but    it    had   gone   so   fast
I   really   just   wished    that

&+ I Still Can't Get Over
the  fact  that  you  would
be |[(flirting)]| with me
be showing me that you
really, really do like me
but  suddenly  just turn
around say x how much
y o u  *    l i k e  *   h e r   </3
I’ll Never Forget You*

*fade minee
*qoute prob. on here several times
* very truee (:
&+ You have no idea
how hard it is just to see hjm
*flirting with you*hugging you
teasing you*impressing you
---->» everydayy «<----
&+ just knowing that
he likes her


Knowing its not me     ------»   is making me cry
Knowing its her            ------»   is making me

*mostly relatablee.
fav pleasee?


There Definitely  Was

*** ( .something. ) ***

*all mine
we were ment to be
[suppose to be but]
we lost it </3

*avril lavigne-my happy ending
-actually kind of true...