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Hey. I have not been on here in forever. Hmm...my life well its pretty boring. I just graduated from high school so im on to college. My life isnt exciting but hey i make the best of it. I am still with my boyfriend have been for 2 and a half years now which is nice. He is my bestfriend. He and i are going to try our best to get through college together (im going to CSULA and he is going to UC Berkley) im not worried much because if it's meant to be we will make it through. Well enough about me tell me about you. Im here :) so yeah thanks for reading see ya.

Quotes by julie_urzua

Don't judge a quote by its font
I always have the same answer when someone asks why or how I think they're cute for example:
oyfriend: you look cute
Me: Thanks babe you look cute too ^-^
Boyfriend: how do I look cute?
Me: *shrugs* you were born that way duh
I tear my heart open
I sew myself shut
y weakness is
That I care too much
Our scars remind us
That the past is real
tear my heart
Open just to feel
-Papa Roach
I think my friend's little brother likes me and this isn't me being concieted because my friend and her little sister say it all the time I ignored it at first like you guys are crazy but today he was sniffing me o_o FULL ON SNIFFING ME
He's like a little brother to me so I just hope I'm imagining things.
Netflix guilty pleasure:
Gossip Girl

I love Chuck Bass
My precal teacher handed out computers and told us to do an assignment after a while i gave up and googled 'pickle wearing a sombrero'.....what? I was curious....
Someone drew the batman sign on the board without the teacher seeing (I didn't see who it was either) but the second she saw it she turns to me like "Julissa why'd you do that?"
mmm lady I didn't do it just cause I have a batman hoodie on and my backpack is batman doesn't mean I go around drawing Batman everywhere jeezzz.....okay I did that like freshmen year hahaha but I haven't done it since....I think XD
Average Joe
Haha :)