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I was born on Januaray 27th. 

Anime is love, Anime is life
Im pansexual, meaning i like all genders (yes theres more than 2)

Quotes by Night_stuck*

"If you hesitate, it can be fatal.

Just like chess"
there is a thin senematic line seperating weird and beautiful and that line is covered in jellyfish
ladies, stand up for your sisters not your 'cis'ters
hey i havent been here in a while..
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This is really a quote.
all i have in my life are books and my imagination
Let me go,

Because I'm ready to give in.
You are my snow, you are beautiful to see, enjoyable to many, soft,

yet cold hearted
If people were rain, I was a drizzle

and she was a hurricane.
i will love you,