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hi im taylor.
and i wont be using thisaccount anymore.
im going back to my old account.




justanotherteen__'s Favorite Quotes

When I See An Elderly Person Eating Alone:

Me: awwn
Me: I should go say hi
Me: maybe he's sad
Me: awwn
Me: he shouldn't go trough this
Me: awwn
Mom: what are you talking about?
Me:  awwn

"What happened to us?"
"We grew up."

This quote does not exist.

*At Orthodontist making next appointment*
Me:*hands resepionist paper*
Reseptionist: Oooo getting you braces off next time, im so happy for you!
Me: Thanks!
Reseptionist: *looks at me* And you arent wearing your glasses
Me: I got contacts
Reseptionist: Braces and glasses gone? Yeah girl! Watch out world, here you come!!!
-Made my day-


you know how i said i like girls that eat carrots?
well ive been getting alot of carrots lately
and now i want to say i like girls who like lamborghinis :)
- louis tomlinson

cant blame a guy for trying! haha

Guy I just met: You've never had a boyfriend?!?!?!
Me: I've had a boy dog. Does that count?
Guy I just met: ..........


Team Edward

Bringin' sexy back since 1901

i can not BELIEVE what you did to me.

Oh look. An award show on television. Here come the status updates.


Getting a text in the morning
and reading it with one eye open.