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Hi; I'm just your un-average teenage girl.
The name is Samm, I'm 17 years young; July 17th is the dayy..
Love me or hate me, I could really care less. 
have the best best friend I could ask for; StayingStrongForever, go follow her.
I have a great family, with a lot of problems. I go to church every Sunday, & Softball is my life.
I'm very athletic. I have an obsession with Spider-Man,
Sports are my safe haven.
I love dogs, I love food, I'm very self conscious.
Talk to me; I'm very open, and favorite my quotes.
I'm not really on here much anymore; Follow me on instagram/twitter, @samanthadarlynn

Quotes by justasecretaccount

*On ooVoo*
Me: *Catching him stare at me and just have the biggest smile* What?
Jake (him): You're so, gosh dang beautiful, I don't understand.
-Few minutes later-
Him: Gahhh, I can't get over it, I can't stop staring at you.
Me: *Blushing the whole time.*
I know I haven't been on lately but here's what's happened in like the past month to two months;

-My best friend moved back up to Lake Placid for 3 months so I have no friends down here.
-My boyfriend and I broke up:

      -he told me he cheated on me (after we broke up)
      -he's already "seeing" someone else.

-My dad hasn't been home since December 27th:
      -he won't be home untill atleast Feburary break.
      -I miss him.

-Indoor softball practices have started. <3
-My older brother lives 20 something minutes away from me.
The past two New Years eves have been hell.

-Last year:
I broke up with my boyfriend (now ex) for the first time.
-This year:
My boyfriend now and I just got in a huge fight.

I have bad luck on New Years Eve..

Me: *Complaining about having a bad track meet.
Him: It's just indoor track!
Me: I know but still! I'm super competative...!!
Him: It's not a big deal, you don't need to commit ritual suicide here, you haven't brought disgrace to your ancestors, and I promise the gods of indoor track won't smite you because you had a bad race..
Me: Shutup, lmfao.
Him: I promise hun <3




 I found a note in my locker saying
"Hey, you're such a nice person and you looked lovely today,"
&they drew me a snowman.
It made me the happiest I've been all week.
All. Week.
Thank you whoever <3


Dear Santa Clause,
          can I just have Michael Buble for Christmas?


One day you're gonna miss the little text messages I give you. You're gonna miss how I use to worry about you. You're gonna miss my annoyingness. One day, when I'm gone you are going to miss how you actually had someone who wanted you, and when I'm not there..you're going to miss me.

That should be me holding your hand
That should be me making you laugh
That should be me, this is so sad
That should be me, that should be me
That should be me, feeling your kiss.
That should be me, buying you gifts
This is so wrong, I can't go on.
That should be me.

I wonder if Taylor Swift
jams out to her own songs like I do..