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Hi; I'm just your un-average teenage girl.
The name is Samm, I'm 17 years young; July 17th is the dayy..
Love me or hate me, I could really care less. 
have the best best friend I could ask for; StayingStrongForever, go follow her.
I have a great family, with a lot of problems. I go to church every Sunday, & Softball is my life.
I'm very athletic. I have an obsession with Spider-Man,
Sports are my safe haven.
I love dogs, I love food, I'm very self conscious.
Talk to me; I'm very open, and favorite my quotes.
I'm not really on here much anymore; Follow me on instagram/twitter, @samanthadarlynn

Quotes by justasecretaccount

&&That's all I've got to sayyy.

  When you're sitting there listening to music through your head phones, and humming, and you think no ones listening so you keep goin'.
     Then your dad yells for you to shut up 'cause he's watching something and doesn't want to listen to you sing/hum.. -__-


We're back together.

He admitted he over reacted, and that he was wrong
and that it was all his fault, and everything.
I love him, and things are gonna be different this time



I just brokeup with the guy I was set on marrying..

I feel like I just made the biggest mistake of my life.



My stomach just dropped

I don't know if this is going to work.
I haven't seen you since September.
Maybe we should just be friends.
Or maybe nothing at all.
I don't want to do this.
I don't want to hurt us both.
But I need something different..



My heart just sank..
he might be moving back to Germany...


I want a boyfriend who goes to my school
So that he can walk me to my classes.
Sit with me during lunch and pick on me.
Help me with my homework every day.
Study for big tests with me.
Hold my hand in school.
Be friends with my friends.
Go to all my school dances,
and be all school spirited with me.
Be super cute with me and have everyone wish
they had the "perfect relationship like ours".
So we could stay after together, everyday.
And it would be perfect; I wouldn't have to worry.
&&I would love every second of it.


Hey hurricane Sandy.

instead of landing right ontop of us,
and going right through Lake Ontario (which I live on)
You wanna kinda pass us upp?
Thanks bro, I appreciate it.


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