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the names ally. i love soccer.
friends are my life. im 14 years young. born march 20 1998.
single. nerdy. i love reading. hopeless romantic. huge famly. italian. massachusetts. small town. love country. ed sheeran,  cher lloyd
shy. cray around my friends. one directioner.. tumblr_ http://bortoo.tumblr.com/   
sports. boy crazy. flirty.

     "ill be your crying shoulder, ill be loves suicide" 

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so i knoow this quote isnt pretty, but i just want advice

so me and my ex were talking and he told me he still liked me alot and misses me. i do stll have feelings for him, the thing is i dont WANT to. hes just someone i cant get over and hes the master at mixed signals so i was wndering what should i do? xx
i absolutely know i love him and it feels amazing
Having youre heart broken 
By the same guy
Over and Over again
And still being in love with him
Is the worst feeling EVER
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I just forced myself to throw up
Honestly it feels amazing.

does anybody know a good like site where people post stories?

Im so hungry...
but i havent eaten all day and im afraid of feeling that guilt feeling


So heartbroken right now
its not even funny. Need someone to talk to..

I told him to listen to "moments"

His response: "that song says everything i want with you"

(not meant to be a 'one direction quote' just thought it was cute)

Kiss me
Like you wanna be loved


i  love talking
about the guy i like
with my friends...
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