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The name's Gina, I'm thirteen years old, and I'm a Maine-ah. I like piggies, Summer, and you. I currentlyy reeeaaalllyy like someone... I'm just not sure if he likes me back:/ But whatever happens, happens. I really hope there's something there, but if there isn't, then I'll just keep rollingg:) I cannott wait for Summerr. Summer 2011 is going to be extremely busyy, but amazingg<3 Seventh grade has sucked so much. It just gets worse and worse.  I lovee my best friend to the moon and backk<3 she gets me through EVERYTHING. she's the sister I never had<3 But I can't forget my guy friends- they're the besttt<3 Lovee them ttooo:) CURRENTLY, there's no drama going on...that'll change veerrryyy soonn

live the life you've dreamed

Quotes by justbrowneyes

Dear 11:11,

I'm still waiting for my unicorn, that date with him, a kiss, for him to like me, an A in that class, and a trip to Narnia.

it's getting old. 

Sometimes it lasts in love
but sometimes it hurts instead 


The "Earth" 
without "art"
is just

.: w h e n   a   g u y   a c c i d e n t l y   h i t s   y o u r   b u t t :.

he asked me 
what I'm afraid of.
I couldn't  tell him because

the only thing i'm afraid of
is losing him


&isnt it pathetic

how the best moments of my life have been online 


That awesome feeling 

when you're totally wasted

with chocolate. 


&& life 
makes love
look hard