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Sydney is unique in a very special way. Once in love, she is committed to the end. Sydney takes things very seriously, but at the same time, she is very sarcastic. Although shy at times, she is very energetic. She absolutely knows how to turn a horrible day into the brightest day of your life. She is the type that hides the pain and wears a fake smile on the outside; only that one special person would know when something is wrong, yet she will not admit it. No matter what, she always tries to be positive. She is very insecure and sensitive but don't ever take advantage of that. Once you become hers, keep it that way. Once she lets you go, you're gone forever. She believes everyone makes mistakes, but no one can make the same mistake twice. She loves to cuddle at any time of the day and loves to eat and sleep. She procrastinates a lot, and is very bipolar. Indeed very smart, but doesn't acknowledge it. Art and music are her passions. She laughs a lot and will be very successful in her future. She is flawless and strong willed. She puts others before herself but strives for perfection. Sydney is one to die for. 
~Urban Dictionary. Perfectly describest me.

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Chapter One

“Honey, I’m off to work, do you need me to drive you to school?” My mother called down from the kitchen, loud enough to wake me. Oh god, I had completely forgotten that winter break ended today.
“No, I think I’ll be okay, but thanks anyway!” I called, trying my best to sound awake, when really I was the complete opposite. I tore my sheets off of my bed, goosebumps rising on my skin as my body became exposed to the cold air.
“Sh/t, sh/t, sh/t,” I mumbled to myself as I rushed to get dressed. The first bell would ring in fifteen minutes, and with a twenty minute ride to school, I was destined to be late. Oh well, I might as well take my time getting ready, then.
My feet sank deep into the plush carpet covering my bedroom floor as I approached my closet. I pulled open the glass doors, exposing myself to racks and racks of designer clothes, handbags, and shoes. All paid for with my own money, believe it or not. Most of my friends are blessed with luxuries that could only be rewarded to the finest American families; allowances of hundreds of dollars a week and maids to tend to your every whim are the types of things you can expect only from sons and daughters of stockbrokers, prestige lawyers, and top-notch surgeons.
I, on the other hand, am the only daughter of an entrepreneur and a housewife, unwillingly roped into a business that has barely taken off. Money is no foreign object to us, but we save as much as we can. With my 18 hours a week spent waitressing at Nigel’s local bar, as well as my father’s steady, self-supplied income, we manage to pay the bills on our 13,000 square foot home, for no reason other than to keep up appearances.
Pulling a slouchy, teal colored top off of a hangar and a pair of acid washed skinny jeans from my bottom dresser drawer, I examined my appearance in the mirror. My brown hair was not up to standards; the shine was practically gone, and it hung limply at my shoulders. Other than that, and the lack of makeup on my face, I looked good.
Grabbing a pair of black booties from the floor of my closet and attaching my signature silver bangles to my thin wrist, I walked across the hall to my bathroom, where I stored all of my makeup and hair supplies.
The fluorescent lights of the bathroom pointed out each of my flaws, and suddenly I felt small, like I was placed under a microscope. Blue eyes stared back at me through the mirror, examining my every move, as I splashed cold water on my face. I noticed the crack in the bottom left corner of the mirror, the one I had made so many years ago while trying to put on makeup, trying to be beautiful like my mother was.
As I repeated those same actions, applying layers of foundation, powder, and blush to my face until I could barely recognize myself, I fought back tears. Things weren’t the way they used to be, and they never would be. All of the work I had put myself through to become the person that I had always wanted to be, it really wasn’t worth it.
It was times like these that I found myself wishing that I could disappear, but it wasn’t possible. Not if you were Lyra Burnham.
Not if you were me.



"Yeah, I know, I've got it all under control. The plane leaves at nine tonight so I need to be at the airport by seven. Mmhm, okay," I groaned.
"So I'll be home around six, we're having a family dinner before you leave," my dad replied, hanging up before I could say goodbye. Ever since I had confirmed to my parents that I was moving, my dad had been trying to be more of a father to me. Which didn't say much, knowing him. He was still the buisness man he always was; crisp, proper, and to the point. At least I could say he was trying.
I walked up the stairs to my room, the second one on the left, and threw my suitcase on my bed. Pulling every piece of clothing I owned out of my closet, I watched as fabrics of every color fell to the floor, landing in a pile bigger than me. Since I practically wore the same thing every day, I barely even realized how many clothes I had. I grabbed my shirts and pants from the floor in fistfulls, dropping them in my suitcase in a crinkled mess. It didn't really matter, no one would pay attention to me anyways. Finally, after packing dozens of outfits into my bag, I zipped it up, placing it by the door so it was ready to go.
"Babe, I'm home!" my mother yelled from the kitchen, and I could hear the jingle of keys and the clunk of shopping bags as she set her things down on the counter. "I brought chinese!" she called.
Of course, it would be just like my mother to turn a family dinner into a takeout meal. Not that I should have expected much more, no one in my family had cooked a real dinner in years.
"Oh, hon, it's already six fourty five. We should probably get you going, don't want to miss your flight!" my mom smiled, gesturing for me to go back upstairs and grab my suitcase. We climbed in the car, and I sat in the backseat with my bag next to me. My parents tried to engage in small talk, which just ended up being awkward for all three of us.
"Well, here we are. I expect you can handle yourself from here?" My dad asked, not even a hint of a sentimental tone in his voice.
"Yeah, dad, I'll be fine. I'll probably see you guys in a few months, but I'll call when the plane lands. Love you both," I smiled, only seconds before my dad sped off. I watched the black sedan drive away, and my mom thrust her head out of the window.
"Loooooveeee yooooouuu!" she called, so distant I could barely hear. I laughed to myself, knowing that by now my father was probably scolding her for embarrassing him in public like that. After all, to my dad, everything was about reputation.
I've noticed that there's a certain smell that only airports have. I don't know what it is, but it greeted me as I walked in the door. Immediately I was caught up in a sea of people hurrying every which way, bags rolling at their feet. Pulling my passport out of my purse, I handed it to the security lady standing at the Delta Airlines desk. She smiled and took my luggage, placing it on the scale, and then set it on a conveyor belt behind her. I watched as a small slip of paper fell out of the printer.
"There's your boarding pass, miss, and have a nice flight," she smiled again, waving the next person up to the desk as I turned and walked away. I made my way through security without any difficulties, not that I expected any. Letting out a long sigh, I walked past dozens of terminals until I found the one that matched the number on my boarding pass: Terminal 28C. "Thank God," I whispered to myself, my lips barely moving.
I sat down in a cushioned, black chair, two seats away from a man who's heavy metal music I could hear clearly, even though he was wearing headphones. I tapped my leg impatiently and pointlessly rifled through my purse, hoping to find something to hold my attention as I waited.
"Flight 184 to Dallas, calling all Delta members flying 184 to Dallas. First class members, please check in," a nasaly voice spoke into the microphone. I shifted in my seat, wishing I was in first class. With my luck, I would probably be stuck between two sweaty men who fall asleep on my shoulder. And snore.
"Flight 184 to Dallas, coach members in rows one through nine may board now," the voice said again. I glanced at the slip of paper in my hand. Row 3, Seat D. Standing up, I threw my purse over my shoulder and walked towards the desk. After waiting in line as everyone else checked in, I finally made it to the front.
"Passport and Boarding pass, please," the lady said, her voice completely monotonous. I handed her what she asked for, biting my lip nervously as she scanned my pass. If it didn't work, I was screwed. I wasn't really worried, but there was always the possiblity. I mentally rejoiced when the scanner blinked green and the lady handed my pass back to me.
"Thanks and have a nice flight. Neeexxt," she called. I walked past her, stepping onto the tarmac in front of me. Silently praying for a painless flight, I stepped onto the plane.
Well? This is it. No turning back now.


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After parking my car in the driveway and walking up the steps, I opened the front door and heard noises coming from the living room. Laughing. Who was home? It was 3 in the afternoon, why would anyone be here?
"Hello?" I called, setting my bags down next to the door and walking inside.
"Hi, honey, how was school?" my mothers voice replied, for the second time today. It was unnusual enough to speak to her once, but twice? This had to be some kind of record.
"Fine, I guess," The school day had been rough, but not as much as usual. Aside from my encounter with Johanna before the bell, no one had bothered me.
I walked into the living room to see my mom, dad, aunt, uncle, and cousin, Tessa, all seated on the couches, engaged in conversation. This was a sight. Not only was my whole family in the same room at once, but my extended family, too.
"Hey, Kayli, how are you?" my aunt smiled, patting a spot on the sofa next to her. I took a seat, clasping my hands and setting them on my lap.
"I'm great, Aunt Jean. Sorry if I'm being rude, but why are you guys here?" I asked, turning my head towards my uncle and Tessa, who were sitting on the sofa opposite of me.
"We were just having a talk with your parents about a family matter," my uncle nodded shortly, throwing a panicked look at my aunt. The rest of my family seemed flushed, as if they didn't know what to make of the situation.
"Um.. May I ask what the family matter is?" I asked, furrowing my eyebrows.
"Kayli, your aunt and uncle stopped by to explain to us their opinions on our being gone so often due to work. They think it is in your best interest to you move down to Texas with them, at least until we can spend more time at home, and are able to act more like the parents we should be," my dad explained, rubbing his palms on his jeans.
"We just think it isn't healthy for you to be home alone so often, practically raising yourself," my aunt interjected, giving my mother a stern look as she paused, letting that sink in, "so we thought it might be good for you to stay at our house in Texas for a while, maybe just for the summer."
"You mean, move to Texas? Like, pack up all my things and transfer across the country?" I asked, my confusion slowly turning into panic.
"Well yes, but only for as long as you would like. You can come back any time, sweetie," my mom smiles, obviously on board with this whole thing. Am I the only one who thinks this might be a bad idea? Tessa looked up at me, standing up and addressing my parents and hers.
"Can Kayli and I go to her room for a while to talk about it?" she asked, practically dragging me out of the room without an answer.
"Well? What do you think?" she asked excitedly, closing my bedroom door behind her.
"I don't know, Tess," I murmur.
"Oh come on, it was my idea, Kay! Just think about it. Warm weather, cute boys, a fresh start, and the best part? You're living with me! Your best friend! No more of that Joney girl you've told me about to mess around with you," she shruged, like this is a foolproof plan. I have to admit, once Tess had explained all the pros to the situation, it did seem a lot better than I had first thought.
"It's Johanna, for one. And also, what makes you think that Texas will be any different for me than here? I'll still be the ugly, fat girl. And there it will be even worse because I'll be living in your shadow," I rolled my eyes at Tess. It was true, Tessa was practically the definition of beauty. She had the same features as Johanna: tall, skinny, tan, with long hair. Tess's brown locks were wavy, and they curled into little ringlets at the bottom. I had always envied her hair, it looked perfect all the time. Tess was also the Picasso of makeup, and she looked better and better every time I saw her. 
"Please, Kay? If you don't like it you can just leave. I mean, what do you have to lose?" Tessa pouted, already knowing she had won this argument.
"Fine, whatever, but you totally owe me for this," I crossed my arms over my chest, ashamed to admit my defeat.
"Great! Let's go share the good news!" She beamed, racing out of the room, knowing I would follow her. It had always been that way; Tessa was the popular one, the smart one, the pretty one. I was just Kayli, her loyal follwer. Nonetheless, she was still by best friend. My only friend, actually.
Walking back into the living room, I sat back down on the couch next to my aunt. "Okay, I'll go to Texas. Under one condition. I can leave whenever I want, if I don't like it," I told them as if I was making a business deal.
"Of course, honey, it's your decision," my aunt assured me, placing a manicured hand on my shoulder.
And my journey begins.


well, there's chapter two for you. i hope you like it. so i've been updating a lot recently but that was because i had written the prologue through chapter two, but  nothing further so i am officially out of chapters, you'll have to wait for an upload until i have time to write the next one. which might be a while because school starts tomorrow & i'll have loads of homework. SORRY. i love comments. so please give me comments. i also enjoy faves. and i adore follows. that is all. sorry this authors note was so long. MY BAD. love you :)





"Kayli, come down for breakfast, you have to leave for school in five minutes!" my mom called from the kitchen, which surprised me entirely. Usually my mom was out of the house by 5 in the morning, and didn't return until 10 at night. I barely ever saw her, especially in the mornings, but I had gotten used to it. Who needs parents when you can raise yourself? Oh yeah, that's right, I do, but I don't really have a choice in the matter.
If my parents would rather work all day than take care of their one-and-only daughter, they can do as they please.
"Coming, mom!" I shouted, giving myself a once-over in the mirror, to make sure I looked acceptable. Hah, as if. It didn't really matter what I looked like, anyways, because no one really noticed unless they were making fun of me. I had gotten used to that, too, so it didn't matter. Or at least I had tried to convince myself that it didn't.
Now that I was really looking at myself, I realized that my image didn't look acceptable at all. My light grey t shirt was tight in all the wrong places, and my baggy jeans were still a size too small. I pulled my long, curly, dull blonde hair into a sloppy bun, taking a ponytail off of my wrist and wrapping it around my hair.
Jogging downstairs, I grabbed a granola bar out of the cupboard and dropping it in my purse as I opened the garage door, climbing into the drivers seat of my lame excuse for a car. As the engine rumbled to life and the stereo turned on, blasting a Katy Perry song, I checked the time on the dashboard clock. It was 6:45, and I couldn't afford to get stuck in early morning Chicago traffic, not when school started in fifteen minutes.
Speeding down the driveway and through the neighborhood, I flipped through the radio stations until I found a song I liked. I sang along, tapping the steering wheel as I waited at a stoplight. When the light blinked green I stepped on the gas, feeling the car lurch forward. Needless to say, I wasn't the best driver. It was a good day when I made it to and from school without killing myself. Not that anyone would cry at my funeral. With the exception of my parents. But with their busy work schedules, I doubt they would even be able to attend. Oh, who am I kidding, they wouldn't even arrange for a funeral, it would waste too much time. I would probably just be buried in the middle of a forest somewhere and never spoken of again.
I slowly pulled into the school parking lot, half considering just driving away like I had never even been there and ditching. I could spend my day at a park somewhere by myself. That would be better than school. But no, being the good girl I am, ditching wasn't even really an option. Unbuckling my seatbelt an opening my car door, I sighed, breathing in the fresh air as I stepped outside.
I made my way towards the school entrance, wishing I could just go home. This was my daily routine, another thing I should have been used to by now.
"Hey, Kayli," a perky voice chirped from behind me, one I recognized immediately. Oh God, why now?
"Hey, Johanna," I replied, spinning around on my heels. I forced a smile onto my face, staring at the girl in front of me. Tanned, clear skin; shiny, brown, straight hair; sparking blue eyes; she was everything I wished to be wrapped up in one tall, skinny, b*tch. With looks as good as hers, I really didn't understand how she could be so terrible.
"So have you started your new diet yet, or is the chocolate cake still just too tempting?" she asked, a smirk forming on her perfect face.
"No, but thanks for your concern. How about you? I mean, I've noticed that you've been gaining some weight, but I didn't think anything of it. Maybe d!cks have more calories than I thought," I shrugged, impressed with my comeback. Usually I would never even speak back to her, just run away and fight the tears, but she was hitting my last nerve.
"Oh my god, you did not just say that," she gaped, her eyes wide.
"I didn't? How embarrassing," I pulled my backpack over my shoulder, turning back around and walking through the doors. I knew that Johanna was right, even if she is a total b*tch. I definitely wasn't the skinniest girl in school, that's for sure. If I could change it, I would, but it just didn't seem possible. No ammount of exercise or dieting could make me look like Johanna does. I would give anything to be pretty; to not have to deal with disgusted and pitiful looks from everyone I passed, to have guys ask for my number instead of ask how much I weighed just for a laugh. I would give anything, anything at all.


hmm alrighty. well i have never said a single swear word in any of my stories before so this was weird. but whatever. if you don't like it then you don't need to worry, it probably won't ever happen again. okay so i hope you all liked the first chapter. i know i'm posting super soon but i just likee.. had to. go read Missing You by TwoKindsOfPlayer, just because i told you to. mwah, love you all :)





Kayli is your average teenage girl. Well, maybe less than average. She's definitely no cheerleader, and she's not the kind of girl that players chase down. Not that she wouldnt like to be, it's just not possible for her, or so she thinks. With her dull blonde, crazily curly hair, her cardboard colored, not so clear skin, and too-chubby figure, she's far from being a model. But when her rich aunt and uncle invite her to stay with them in Texas for a year, along with her bestfriend since birth and favorite cousin, Tessa, things are looking up for Kayli. When she decides to use the upcoming summer to her advantage and drop a few pounds with the help of Tess, she might witness a total transformation.

so this is my new story, i really hope you guys like it so tell me what you think. let me know if you think i should keep going with it. i know i haven't posted anything in like forever so i hope you all don't hate me, and i at least have a few readers. the links to the character pictures are on my profile. check em outt :)




- H o l l y ' s  P o i n t  o f  V i e w -

 The whole group showed up an hour later, dressed in old, raggy clothes as instructed. I adjusted my oversized white tshirt, loosely tucking it into a pair of torn jeans.
“ohmigod you guys, I’m like dyyying of excitement right now, you have to tell us what we’re doing. Like.. seriously,” Allie giggled, tossing her bright blonde hair over her shoulder, her blue eyes sparkling with intrigue.
“she was talking about ridiculous possibilities the whole way over here, if you don’t tell her what we’re doing soon, I think she’s gonna explode,” Cole told me, his eyes staring into mine with a hidden feeling that i couldnt quite place. "okay, well since this house is brand new and totally boring," I began, twirling around on my heels as i held out my arm to display the white walls like I was Vanna White on Wheel of Fortune, “Hannah and i figured that we had to spice the place up." I finished my part of the explanation, turning the rest over to Hannah who I knew was eager to speak.
"so we thought you guys would like to help us paint the house, every color imaginable," she smiled a broad, toothy smile and i couldnt help but mirror it. It was nice to see Hannah step out of her shell and finally open up to someone besides me, and I could tell that she really felt comfortable here.
I gestured towards the paint cans, tarps, and brushes placed sloppily against the wall. Everyone rushed over quickly, grabbing a brush and a paint color of choice, before meeting back together so we could discuss who would be painting which rooms.
I already knew who I wanted to be paired with but I refused to let it show, so I ignored the flawless boy standing in front of me and pretended like I could care less about the whole thing. It was obvious that Logan was hoping to be paired up with Hannah, and as much as she would hate to admit it, I knew that Hannah was hoping for the exact same thing.
"well? who wants to paint which rooms?" I asked, scanning my eyes across the whole group in search of the first to speak.
"Jane and I will take the downstairs bathroom," Richard volunteered, entertwining his hand with Jane's.
"no doubt so they can makeout the whole time," Logan scoffed, but Richard just stuck his tounge out in reply before dragging his baby blue paint can and antisocial girlfriend towards the bathroom.
"I wouldnt count on them to get much work done," Harper stated, rolling her eyes as she inspected her hot pink manicure, matching perfectly with her paint color.
"you and Allie should totally do my bedroom," I told Harper, hoping to narrow down my choices, "your hot pink and her light purple will lool killer together," I smiled. They agreed, giggling loudly as they ran up the stairs to the second door on the left, the one I had directed them towards.
"alright, I guess that just leaves us four," Hannah mumbled as I heard my bedroom door being closed upstairs, sealing the deal.
"me and Hannah can take a room," Logan offered up, blushing slightly, "I- I mean.. if thats okay with you, Hannah," he stumbled, probably not used to being nervous around a girl. I smiled at how cute they were.
"definitely," she gleamed, taking his hand, "we can do my room."
once the two of them were upstairs, laughing loudly at some stupid joke Logan had told, Cole and I stood alone in the kitchen. "well? you wanna take the living room?" I asked nonchalantly, hoping he would be okay with us working together. I knew I was.
"forsure," he gave me a boyish, sideways grin, holding up the two remaining paint cans, "which color?"
"ummm.." I pretended to think, though the answer was obvious, "red." I finally 'decided', knowing that lime green would have been a terribly tacky living room color.
"alright, then lets get started," Cole replied, grabbing me by the knees and throwing me over his shoulder, causing me to shreik in surprise.
"put me down!" I demanded, pounding on his back with my fists. All of my blood was rushing to my head terribly fast and i couldnt see straight. "seriously Cole, put me down!" I shreiked, relieved as he pulled me back to earth and set me safely back on the ground, allowing my blood to flow normally again. I gave him a sheepish grin, urging myself to forget the terrible memories that came with being held upside down, especially not when such a handsome boy was standing in my living room.
"lets get to work," I announced, holding up a brush and giving him the fakest smile I could muster. I guess it was convincing enough, because Cole just shrugged, picking up a navy blue tarp to spread across the floor. 

this chapter was too long so i had to split it into two parts /: stupid character count. anyway. the link to the secnod part is right here. read it please? iss mah burfday. as if you care. kbye. 
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- H o l l y ' s  P o i n t  o f  V i e w -

Half an hour later, we were more paint-covered than the walls. "NOO!" I shreiked as cole flung a big glob of red paint right at me, feeling my body flinch as it landed on my shoulder. "okay, now you have it coming," I told him, laughing hysterically as I dipped my paint brush down into the bucket of blood red paint, flinging it at cole and watching as it hit him square in the face. I tried to stifel my laugh but it was hopeless, the look on Cole's face was too funny.
"your face... priceless," I gasped between laughs, practically doubling over as he wiped the paint off of his cheek and smeared it in my hair.
I let out a squeal, my hands immediately going up to protect my precious blonde hair from any more attacks, and I gave Cole a death glare that probably looked the opposite of deadly. "do you know how hard it'll be to get this out?!" I panicked, attempting to run my fingers through the crusty red mess on top of my head.
"oh, lighten up," he laughed, wiping more paint off of his face, "and dont think I didnt notice how you made sure we were painting together, Holly," he told me, his face turning half-serious. My spine immediately straightened and my arms went stiff. did he think I was some creepy stalker girl now for wanting to hang out with him?
"umm.. yeah, I mean.. I guess.." I mumbled, keeping my head down so he couldnt see the blush on my cheeks, probably matching my hair at this point.
I felt a finger lift up my chin, and suddenlyIi was face to face with cole, only a few inches apart. My breath caught in my throat and my eyes widened, taking in the breathtaking perfection of his.. well.. everything. The moment was ruined when something wet slid across my nose, curtousy of Cole's paint brush.
I lifted my finger to wipe the red off of my face when he smirked at me for the second time today, a face that I would probably have memorized by the end of the summer.
Cole backed away, putting some distance between us, as he slid the paint brush back into the bucket discreetly, as if he hadnt just painted my whole face red. Not like it hadnt been red already..
"its okay, blondie, I wouldve picked you, too," Cole's eyes had a playful glint to them, and I wasnt sure how he managed to portray expressions with his eyes. Maybe I was the only one who noticed. Maybe I was just paying too much attention. I parted my mouth to speak, but nothing but a sigh came out. I pressed my lips together, frustrated at what this boy could do to me. How long had I known him, twelve hours? And he already had me tounge tied. 

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- H a n n a h ' s  P o i n t  o f  V i e w -

 Sunlight poured through the windows, waking me up immediately as it pierced my half-closed eyes. I cursed myself for forgetting to close my blinds before I went to bed, then remembered that I didn’t have any curtains on the windows yet. I glanced around my room: the white walls made me feel trapped, almost like I was in an insane asylum. Everything was so plain that it made me want to escape the room as fast as I could.
Pulling on a pair of decent jean shorts and a flowy, light grey top, I emerged from my room. I knocked on Holly’s bedroom door as I passed, knowing she would be angry at me for waking her up, before I stumbled down the long, carpeted staircase and finally touched my feet to the sun baked wooden floor of the kitchen.
Pulling out a box of Frosted Flakes, almost the only thing in our bare cupboards, I poured myself a bowl of cereal. “HANNAH!” Holly groaned, stomping her feet down the carpeted hallway at the top of the stairs. I could sense her irritated tone from thirty feet away.
“what time is it?” she asked sweetly, like the bipolar girl she was.
“11:24” I responded, reading the numbers off of my phone, “and I got a text from Logan,” I told her, opening the message. Logan had given me his number last night before he left, telling me he would text me tomorrow if the group decided to hang out. “hey, we’re hanging out today but we don’t know what to do. If you have any suggestions text me.” I read out loud, hollering up the stairs in hopes that Holly could hear me.
“okay sweet. Any suggestions?” I practically jumped when I heard her voice next to me, hadn’t she been at the top of the stairs just a second ago?
“not really. But I’m sure someone will think of something. Anyway, we seriously need to do a paint job here. My white walls are killing me,” I told her honestly, opening the door to the basement and flicking on the light. I walked down the stairs that lead me to a huge, tile covered room. The only things I could see were a tv, couch, and several other doors leading into undiscovered territory.
“do you know if we’ll have any paint cans down here?” I asked Holly, who had followed me into the basement, opening a door and hoping to find a supply room but instead finding a guest bedroom. That makes five unused bedrooms, two spoiled teenage girls, and about a million dollars down the drain, I thought to myself, still not used to the rich lifestyle we were now living.
“well there’s gotta be some somewhere. I mean, this house has everything.” Holly awed, walking into a personal fitness center, complete with treadmills, weights, ellypticals, and some other machines that I couldn’t figure out. I opened another door, a workshop of some kind, and dug around a bit before finding a closet filled to the brim with mostly unopened paint cans.
“I guess mom and dad bought a lot more paint than the painters needed,” I called to Holly, who was still inspecting the fitness room, and she came to see what I was talking about. I pulled out dark pink, sea foam green, sky blue, and light purple paint cans, ignoring the few leftover beige and white cans that the painters had obviously preferred.
“shall we?” I raised my eyebrows at Holly, who seemed excited with the aspect of painting our rooms. She had always been the artsy type, though she would never admit it.
“sure, but I think we’ll need some help,” she suggested, offering up the first good idea she had given me in a while. I pulled my phone out of my back pocket, setting up a new message.
Hey Logan, I think I have a pretty good idea for something to do today. Tell everyone to meet at my house in an hour.

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- H o l l y ' s  P o i n t  o f  V i e w -

 my feet sunk into the sand, making it hard for me to walk. the boy i knew as Richard was getting ready to serve, twisting the blue and white volleyball in his hands. i watched as he lined up the ball, preparing it to fly over the net. crouching down, i readied myself for the game to resume, shifting my feet nervously in the sand as i clasped my hands together to hit the ball. when it finally released from Richards grasp, rotating in the air as it flew over the poorly set up, black beach volleyball net, i realized it was coming straight for me.
squaring my shoulders, i hit the ball in midair, ignoring the familiar sting when i came in contact with the ball. my hand smacked the hard surface, sending the blue and white object back over the net. i watched as the ball flew right past all of the players on the other team, settling into the sand instantly.
i heard cheers echo from behind me as Harper and Cole jumped onto my back from behind me, pulling me down into the sand and screaming the whole way down. "why are you all making such a big deal out of one point?" i asked Cole as he took my hand to help me up, noticing the defeated looks on Richard and Logans faces. Jane seemed emotionless, her face twisted into the same miserable expression as it had been when i was introduced to her.
"that was game point, Holly, you won it for our team! and now Logan owes us all beers" Cole shouted loudly, making sure everyone heard it. he rested his arm around my shoulder as we walked back to the group, who were already gathered by the far corner of the court. i laughed as Logan turned around and glared at Cole, obviously not happy about losing the game.
"man, im totally broke. this is no fair," Logan complained, stomping away towards a yellow chevy parked near the pier, only a few hundred feet away from my house.
"cmon, lets go socialize," Cole joked, running his fingers through his short hair, bleach blonde from the summer sun. i followed him to the crowd of people and sat down next to Hannah, smiling on the inside when Cole sat down next to me.
Logan was back a few minutes later with a twelve back of beers, and a frown. "well there goes the rest of my money, i hope you enjoy," he sulked, taking a seat next to Allie.
"hey, maybe you shouldnt have made the bet if youre so broke," Harper fired back, raising her eyebrows. Logan shut up after that, resigning himself to passing out beers, one for each person, and stacking the remaining four in the middle of our sad attempt at a circle.
"guys, we should play never have i ever!" Allie squealed, recieving an annoyed look from Logan, who jokingly plugged his ears to save himself from her high piched voice.
"ill play," Hannah surprised me by being the first to agree, shrugging her shoulders. although i had forced her to be more social over the past couple years, she still didnt come across as the partier type of girl. but i was all for a change, if she was willing to push aside her nerdiness and open up, i couldnt be happier.
"yeah, sure lets do it," i nodded, cracking open my bottle and listening to the fizzing sound. as soon as everyone had agreed to play, although it took a little forcing to get Jane to agree, we were all ready to start, beer bottles in hand. "alright, ill start since i suggested the game," Allie stated, in her usual giggly tone. "never have i ever....." she paused, thinking of a good end to her sentence, "lost my virginity."
i watched as Richard, Jane, and Cole all drank from their bottles. i kept mine in my hands, rubbing my thumb around the rim of the glass.
"never have i ever," Logan paused dramatically, even though i could tell he had thought of his ahead of time, "screamed on a rollercoaster." i drank from my glass, not surprised when almost everyone else did the same. when Cole put down his bottle he cleared his throat, waiting until all eyes were on him before he began.
"never have i ever, met a girl named after a plant before today," he smirked, looking at me. i gave him a little shove before drinking, glad that he was comfortable enough around me already to make a joke like that.
"never have i ever lived on the beach before today," i smiled as everyone besides my sister took a guilty sip. the game continued for hours until our bottles were almost gone, and everyone was so drunk that they couldn't filter their words. I heard some things that would probably not have slipped out if everyone was sober.
"never have i ever been as attracted to someone as i am to hannah right now," Logan slurred, collapsing into the sand when he finished his sentence. even in the moonlight, so dark i could barely see Harper sitting across from me, Hannahs cheeks were visibly blushing.
"we should probably go, im about to fall asleep right here," Cole admitted, "not that id mind sleeping next to you, Holly," he winked at me, and i laughed at him. he was too drunk to funtion, after only two beers.
"yeah, hes right, im tired," Hannah yawned, pulling herself up and stretching like she had just gotten off of a long plane ride.
"okay well we should get going, seeya tomorrow guys!" i called, trying to catch up with Hannah, who was already marching back towards our house. "you know, i think im gonna like it here," i told her, feeling a smile creep onto my face.

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- H a n n a h ' s  P o i n t  o f  V i e w -

  I sat down in the hot sand, still cooling down after a whole day of being heated by the bright Florida sun. My tan legs seemed pale in comparison to Allie’s, and it was obvious that she had been living in Florida for a while.
“hey, you’re Hannah right?” Allie asked, me, combing her fingers through her bleach blonde hair. Her light pink lips curled up in a welcoming half smile.
I nodded, softly, but wasn’t sure if she saw it. “Yeah, and that’s my sister, Holly.” i responded, pointing towards Holly, who was already flirting with the two boys on her team. Logan and Cole, right?
Allie just laughed, watching as my sister begged for the attention of the guys. “so that’s your house?” she asked, pointing towards the only mansion on the coast, towering over the rest of the small, rickety beach houses dotting the shore, painted in a variety of pastel colors.
“yeah, kind of stands out, doesnt it?” i asked her, looking again at our house compared to the others, easily two stories taller. she just laughed in agreement, scanning the coastline again. “which one’s yours?” i asked Allie, facing her again.
“two down from yours, the light pink one,” she blushed, her cheeks turning the color of her house. I gazed at the house, the rickety wooden porch and beach weeds growing around the side of it. I found myself wishing for a beach house like that, to get away from our rich lifestyle and live like a normal teenager.
“so, wanna give me a little background on everyone here?” i asked her, half jokingly, but hoping she would answer. i picked at my recent manicure, something my mom would have scolded me for, chipping off parts of the navy blue paint.
“oh, yeah definitely!” Allie said, obviously excited about this subject. I could already tell she was a total gossip, but i liked her so far.
“Okay, so let’s start with couples. Richard and Jane are a couple. totally off limits. Like, they’re serious, they’ve been together for a few years. i don’t know why he picked her, though, she’s super weird. but whatever. we hang out with her because Richard’s our friend.” I just nodded and laughed, urging her to keep going.
“Harper is awesome, like actually,” she pointed to the redhead standing by Richard and Jane, laughing uncontrollably as she clumsily attempted to serve the ball. “i think the two of you would get along really well, she’s one of my best friends. not much else to say about her, she’s single but a total flirt. she had a thing with Cole for a while but that’s way over, he’s a player to say the least.” Allie rolled her bright blue eyes subtly, but enough that i could read her feelings about Cole.
“Cole has pretty much gone out with every girl in North Beach, me included. but that was like 5 years ago when we were in sixth grade, so i don’t really count it as dating.” she defended herself, embarrassed about her past with Cole. “and Logan is just plain amazing. he’s been my best friend since like, forever. we grew up together. he’s a really good guy,” Allie told me, winking, as if i was supposed to take this information into consideration.
“good to know,” i laughed, carefully weaving my sandy blonde bangs into a small french braid, fastening it with a bobby pin.
“that’s pretty much all you need to know. oh, and Kevin. he’s not here tonight, he got grounded for staying out too late last time, but he’s my boyfriend. i think you’d really like him too” she smiled a sweet, friendly smile.
There was something about Allie that just made me forget about my stressful life with the “populars” back at home. Something so real and unique about her that i couldn’t quite grasp. Even after a few minutes of talking with her, it felt like we were so close. I was already starting to warm up to this North Beach group.
Maybe this summer wouldn’t be as bad as i thought.

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