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Quotes by justgetbackupp

 girl's I'sorry

really I am                           because that guy
yea you know the one        the guy that you cry over
the one that you flirt with     the one your trying to catch
that are obsessed with -- well he's not the one sweetie
sorry he's not ------ most people don't find their
----------------------------------->       soulmate 
in middle school  >>not even<<
high school or even (college)
I mean sweetie I get it 
this is now he's hot
you "love him"
well just to
let you

you'll probably not even stay together more then a week

if every word i said could make you laugh i'd talk forever

  WhaiSchoo l?
50% meaningless drama and 50% a more sophisticated form of torture
An over the shoulder boulder holder
  WhiMitche lDavis?
He's amazing with a side of skinny jeans
 Whais glee? 
glee is like high school musical if it's been punched
in the stomach an had it's lunch money stolen

I know your type

Boy you’re dangerous

Yeah you’re that guy

I’d be stupid to trust

But just one night couldn’t be so wrong!

You make me want to lose control

 I was trying on dresses and
I went out to show my parents my final choice
"You look like a princess" they agreed.
But I didn't want to look like a princess I wanted to look like a 



House- Stop gloating.

Kutner- I'm not gloating.

House- Then stop smirking.

Kutner- I'm not smirking, 
that's just how I look
 Alright! You ready?
Go onto Yahoo!
and then click the exclamation point in the word...Yahoo!
make sure the volume is up :)