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I'ma mad dawwwwwg 4evs C:
-Angus&JuilaStone  <>  justin bieber

E m i n e m ( L )

So yes, check out my quotes, comment my profile , fo shizzz :)

I still ♥ Kinglake.
- R.I.P Macca Buchanan & Neeve Buchanan,
Matthew Brown, & Eric Brown,
Lost on Black Saturday 2009.
Forever in our hearts ♥


Quotes by justinbieber_lover

& the sad part is
I know that when we go back to school
we will stop talking </3

not my format :)

(c) 2010

Am i the only one who sometimes wishes they had a brother like Cody Simpson or Justin Bieber?

i think it would be awesome :Dbieber

(c) 2010 embyx3
Why iit that the one
person who could make you smile is the one who

made you cry


A part of me actually believes that the inventor of cod is gay,
it's a good way to spend more time with guys,
and lose more girlfriends..


lazy edit.

Did you know that the sound from clicking your fingers is actually caused by your middle finger hitting you palm. Not by your thumb rubbing against your finger...

fave if you just clicked your fingers. :)

The awkward moment when ...
no one favs your quote.



1) Go to google translate.
2) Type in Will Justin Bieber ever hit  puberty.
3) Make it English to Vietnamese, and press translate.
4) Copy and paste the Vietnamese words, then make is Vietnamese to English, press translate.
5) laugh.

Favourite if this made you laugh,

& then the blonde said-  
 OMG, my birthday is on the same day I was born :O

'Your one tough cookie!'
So, your saying that I'm as tough as a sugar filled treat that kids eat and that breaks very easily
not my format