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Hello loves, my name is Sarah, I'm 17, love to read, write, listen to music, and laugh. I love my family, friends and boyfriend very much. Follow kungfupenguin and mjozie8! I love you all!

Quotes by CrackerJacks97*

I always thought something was missing
in my life, but then I met you and realized
I just wanted
someone to love
You're the only reason I fight
You're the best thing in my life

Written in these walls
Are the stories that
I can't explain

I know he isn't perfect
But I don't care. His imperfections are what make him perfect for me. It's everything about him. From the way his eyes light up, how easily I can get lost into how they're a perfect blue/brown. How his smile is just so friggin adorable, I can't help but smile, not matter how bad my day was. When he laughs, it's like an old song in my ears that I love to hear. It's the way he holds me tight and never wants to let go, the butterfly feeling I always get with him, the way he kisses me, the way he'll just cuddle with me and hold me if I'm having a bad day, the way he tells me how much he loves me everyday. I don't care if he isn't the hottest guy on Earth with the hottest abs or the softest hair, he's my goofy, very good looking guy with the crazy curly hair I love to run my fingers through. I know other girls want him, but he's mine, and I'm greatful he picked me over anyone else. He saved me, and because of that, I'm going to love him with all I can, maybe even more. 
I love you, Ryan. <3

I don't want easy
I want crazy

Too many voices, too many noises,
Invisable wires keepings us apart.

So many choices, but they're all dissapointments.
And they only 
steame awafroyou.

     »So there's this boy and he kinda has my heart«


The one person who says they wouldn't hurt me
Is the one slowly killing me inside.

Just another moment in your eyes
I'll see you in
another life
In heaven, where we never say
You aren't hurting me,
You're lies are.