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Quotes by justlookingforlove_

you stole my heart, but that’s ok, you can keep it. ;* 
trust me.
if you hold my hand, ill never let go.
Just promise me you wont either.<3 
You don’t have to like me, im not a facebook status. 
               Were like fire and gasoline;
im no good for you,&&yournogoodforme:*
No one is afraid of heights,
             They are afraid of the fall.
No one is afraid to play,
             They are afraid to lose.
No one is afraid of the dark,
             They are afraid of whats in it.
No one is afraid to say I love you,
             They are afraid of the response.
[maybe] im over you.

[maybe] i found someone else.

but [maybe] im just a good liar...

Squidward: "Dont you have to be stupid somewhere else?!"

Spongebob: "Not until 4."

best.show.ever. :]

Dear math,

        Quit trying to find your X...she isnt coming back.

                                                      Sincerely, an angry student
Dear whoever is reading this,

You're beautiful and someone out there is crazy  about  you.
                                      So smile. Life is to short to be unhappy.