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aw, you wanna travel?
why not go to the bermuda triangle? (;
I've found a reason for me
to change who I used to be
a reason to start over new,
and the reason is you.
this is some of what I've learned in my seventeen years of life;

a) people will hate you for no reason, it's best to just look at them and smile.
b) sometimes letting go is the best option
c) the people who don't like you are either jealous or angry at the world. don't let them ruin you.
hey guys! 
I just uploaded a new story on wattpad, 
if you guys wanna read it, it would mean the world to me, and if you did and have a wattpad account let me know, cause I will follow you on there and read your story!! :D

here's the little summary on it -

Meet Charley. She's your typical sixteen-year-old. She's in love with writing, singing, dancing and playing piano. One catch? She was recently diagnosed with cancer, and her friends are too afraid of her to be anywhere near her now. On a limb, she decides to write to a boy in California who is looking for a penpal. Come join Charley's story, as she goes through ups and downs and meets someone who may change her life forever.

Thanks in advance <33 :D
it's not based on who looks better,
who gave more,
or who did most.
it's about who stayed through your ups and downs,
and never left.
for you,
I was a chapter.
for me,
you were the book. 
comment on this if you have a twin,
I'm doing a research paper and I need to interview someone with a twin :D 
Thanks in advance! 
Ed Sheeran is such a lovely human being. <3
Les Miserables was absolutely incredible
getting lost in a book,
because books are better than reality.