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Quotes by justxanotherxgirl

*while having a deep conversation with a friend*
me: I just don't know what to do anymore.
her: wouldn't it be weird if dogs could talk?
me: .......
her: oh my gosh, I'm sorry! I'm not high I swear, oh gosh, anyway...
me: you're lucky I love you.
you are loved beyond measure.
keep your head up, beautiful.
(I need to remember this sometimes.)
how can someone just wake up and be like "today I'm gonna hate you."
how can someone be so messed up to make you feel so worthless?
it amazes me how people treat me, and I'm done taking it.
I'm done with everyone.
yeah, it's really comforting when you get an IM on Facebook saying,
"just to tell you I regret becoming friends with you."

funny how one person can make everyone else hate you.

thanks for nothing, "friends."

as if I haven't been depressed enough.

today one of my friends said something,
and I was spacing out, all I heard is "witty"
and I was like WHAT!? WITTY? HUH?
and she goes, "yeah...Mr. Jones is being rather witty today..."
and I was like oh thank the holy Jesus.

If we are friends, 
I promise you,
that I will always send the most attractive snapchat pictures
;) ;* ;D
forget the past,
focus on the 
p r e s e n t.
hey you,
feel like falling in love on a subway train?
Being a senior in High School sucks,
You're expected to know exactly what you wanna do with your life,
in the matter of months.
Hey teachers,
you know what I wanna do?
I wanna go back to being five years old,
when the worst thing that happened to me
was getting a barbie taken away. 
Lights will guide you home
and ignight your bones
And I will try

to fix you.
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