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Holaa Creeper. Thanks for stoppinn by;) Well my names Julia. Im 13 years of age and living life to the absolute fullest(= Of course I have a Momma and a Fatherr, but also I have a sister and a brother who I love to death even though sometimes they don't love me. I love to play soccer,striaghten  my hair, jump on trampolines, listen to music, make cookies, go on facebook, swim, paint my nails and have a good ass time with Claire Elise Hayden<3. Shes my only real bestfriend. Some of my other bestfriends are Bre, Marissa, Elaina & Kaelynn. Oh yeah I forgot to mention I have a dog named Lindsay, shes only got 3 legs but I still treat her like my baby hehe. Also I have a boyfriend. His names Duane Lee Rolfe Jr.(= Music keeps me sane. Sometimes it's like the music speaks my life story. My favorite artists are Lil Wayne, Drizzy Drake, Nicki Minaj, Adele, Aubrun & much more(= Well that's all I can think to write about myself in this box. So talk to me more. I don't bite;)
And finally this box is dedicated to my boyfriend, Duane. Duane has been the kid I've been chasin all my life. Legit, since I was 7 years old I knew he was the one for me. He's my bestfriend who I trust with my life. He does things in a way nobody can ever do them. I'm his beauty and he's my beast<3 We've been together almost 8 amazing months & I know that we fight but that just makes our love so much stronger<3 People say that we're only 13 and don't know what love is but they're wrong. I know this is for real and it's gonna last forever<3 He's my one and only. 4/9/11<3 Forever And A Day BabbyBooy<3
So remember that girl with the bolded name? Claire? Yeah shes so special she gets her own box<3 Claire is my bestfriend and I mean BEST friend. She is so beautiful in every way, so caring, amazing to be with. Shes the kind of girl who would make someones day better before her own. I know sometimes I don't always show it in person or texting how much she means to me thats why I dedicate this box to her<3 Me without her is like Spongebob without Patrick. Hehe. We have the best times when were with eachother and she's going to be the godmother of my first child<3 She deserves so much more than she is given sometimes but I want her to know that she will always have me because we promised to always be, bestfriends forever<3

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&Who else...
HATES, When guys call girls fat..


 Please when you look at me tell me what you see,
 Am I just a pretty face or was it just that we, we were meant to be,
 Is there more to me or am i

just another face your tired of chasing 
  You know what im tired of the games,

You know what and things just aint the same,

You know what its time i walked away,

You know what,
... Your no good.♥

See you know it may sound crazy but i swear its all true
 Every word of every love song reminds me of you and I know I know I know you feel the same way to..
 Cause you stick around and put of with the stupid things I do.♥ 


If you looked inside a girl..

you would see how much she really cries,you find find many secrets && lots of lies but what you'll see most is how hard it is to stay strong, when nothings right and everything's wrong</3

The best things in life...

are unseen 

That's why we close our eyes...

  when we
kiss,cry and dream..

♦I know you think you broke my heart♦

♦But I knew your game right from the start♦

♦I saw your game, and I played it to♦

♦So guess what player?♦

♦Jokes on you;*♦


I understand girls talk behind my back;
Im real and thats something they lack.
Look at me & look at you; now tell
me, hunny, who is jealous of who?
you never really know how strong you are until being strong is your only choice<3
God made oceans, God made lakes, God made men but hey, we all make mistakes.