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Remembering you is easy
I do it everyday
missing you is the heartache
that never goes away

moving away-

partying n hangin out all night long
i canít believe your gonna be [gone]
through the secrets and lies
ill still be by your side
cuz no matter whenever or wherever
we will still be friends *forever*

Just wana be the girl you talk about -
the one you would ride wihtout -
to be the one who makes your heart beat crazy
and for you to say to your boys *thats my baby*

hes got my heart skippin beats
and makin me act all *crazy
it seems i'll do a n y t h i n g . . .
jus for him to say (( im his babii ))

and there hasnt been enough tears
didnt get rid of all my fears
not enough late night talks
not enough around the block walks
and now things are so different
id do anything to get you back<3

and nothings been the same
since youve been gonee..
i miss you more than anything..
and thres not one thing id ever do
that would make me forget you..
every where i go, dont know if you know..
but im thinken of you</3 i m i s s y o u

an angel from teh sky
know one knows why..
but i miss you every day
nothings the same
and i cant wait to see you
cant wait for things to go
back to *normal*
cause i miss the old times
and the old times were the
b e s t t i m e s

you broke my heart so many times
but i still cant mannage to get
you o f f my m i n d</3

cause i fall asleep in tears
try to clear my fears. but
its hard to stop thinking
about you. when your the only
one that knew..just how i felt.

mine-gay but w/e
i just dont understand
how it took 8 years
to get a friendship
like ours..and it took
one day to throw it
a l l away</3

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