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Hello there 
My name is Karolina and I am 16.
I'm so, so sorry

*those Doctor Who refrences, ahh*

This is the first time I actually wrote this kind of thing, so it's probably stupid and boring, sorry - you don't have to read it, really.
Just, don't read it.
I'm a big fan of sci-fi and fantasy. (I love Doctor Who. I'm reading Lord of the Rings right now and I can say that I love it, too.) I watch The Walking Dead. It is, well, just awsome. I'm also into reading books (Lord of the Rings, just like I said) - my favourite book is Jurassic Park by M. Crighton. The movie is also good, but the book is better. Dinosaurs are epic, just as epic as aliens and timetraveling. :)
I play games. Not video games, like most people do but board games. I started with comeputer games, becouse thay're easier to find, you don't need a table, space, people to play with. (
I used to play lol, never winter. Recently I was thinking about wow, but I don't have as much time to play as I ised to (becouse of senior year).) But I prefer board games a lot more. My favourite type of games are RPG, the Settlers are also nice.
I  don't have anyone to play with.  I'm antisocial,  a bit of an outsider. I don't talk much unless you're a really good friend of mine - but I don't have friends, so I don't talk a lot.  Sometimes I feel a bit lonely, but then I read or watch some Doctor Who and it evens it up, I quess.
If someone would ask me about what I like about school or what my favourite subject is I whould probably say "maths". I'm not even that good in it... It just has sense to me, everything is in a specific order and it makes me calm - like doing a puzzle. Puzzles are great. If you had a chance to buy me a gift - one of the best gifts woud be a puzzle (just saying :p)
Music that I listen to is, lets say, specific. It's mostly indierock, indie, electropop, but one of my favourite albums wikipedia labled with "psychodelic rock". Arctic Monkeys is the best band ever. So is Metronomy, even though they differ so much. If I listen to music, I do it loud.
Sport isn't really my thing (P.E. made me hate is actually, thank you school), but I go swimming every week. It's kind of a ritual for me now. It's very relaxing. If you need relaxing, find or make a ritual (like me) that will help you calm down. Now I don't know what I would do without swimming. Seriously.

Recently I think I lost purpose in life. Kind of in a sad mood all the time. It's probably becouse of the weather. Usually in times like this I went on witty, but witty has a little down moment, too, right now. I'll try adding at least 1 quote everyday and I hope I will do that for a long time. I hope top quotes will have 800 faves again... Enough talking, more doing. 
to whoever read this - i told you not to, didn't i? it's just a load of boring and selfcentered vent crap of a teenage nerd ish girl...

* i don't really talk much unless you're a really good friend of mine, so if you want to talk to me there's a 98% chance the converation will be very awkward (just warning you, brace yourself)

* litely i don't add as much quotes as i did  update no.1: now i'm working on that update no.2: i am the worst at writing good quotes, who cares anyway
i still qo on witty and read all the quotes though =)

*   i really follow back, so go ahead and follow me (if you want to)

*   if you're one of my fellow whovians (all whovians are my fellows =)) just comment, follow or whatever and we can fangirl together about the big 50th anaversery :)

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quess who still uses their 

i created my stardoll account  7 yeard ago and discovered witty thanks to it(i was looking for formats for my presentation back in the day)
and i still log on there and i still  like it

teenager (noun)
a person that's treated like a child
but at the same time has to act like an adult


I don't remember how to be witty anymore
I don't remember how to be happy anyomore


witty: write a clever joke
me: a clever joke
me: where are my faves?

me: googles every word I want to use in a quote just to make sure I don't make a typo

However cheesy and common this sounds -
I think I lost my puprose in life.

an encyclopedia is that thing which collects dust in alphabetical order.


that moment when you go through a metal detector at an airport and your muscles made out of steel make the alarm go on


so many stupid people
not enough ammo