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i was born in 1993. i am bi sexual and happy to be me. i honestly do not care about favorites or making a top quote as long as some one on here relates to the quotes i put out there.

Quotes by kai1793

Bandaids Dont Fix Bullet Holes

i tear my heart open i sew myself shut

The desire for a foreve‚Äčr relationship is so high but the ability to accept someone with all their flaws is hard. I'm sorry for being a hypocrite.
It is sad when you expect plans not to be followed through on.. It's sadder still to have had a little hope still
school is almost done but even still its taken longer than is normal to finish. working the early mornings leaves whole afternoon to do as i wish yet the time seems to be flying faster and faster
after working for five years plus going to school having more than a week off is driving me crazy
Yes, promises are meant to be broken, and nobody is perfect is not an excuse. However, you should also consider that everything happens for a reason
When is the last time you looked at someone and said wow when did this happen. you realize that maybe they're the person you need right now for what youre going through and maybe they arent forever going to be there but they are going to change your life.
I wish I had someone to cuddle with
Author of the moment, Can you tell me? Do I end up? Do I end up happy?