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About me <3
hi my name is kailey langlois iam very loud and rude sometimes. i guess i have a look on my face wen i look at girls but i dont mean it . it is just my face. i hate drama but im alway in it. i live in dracut . dracut is known for there football, cheerleading, whores, sluts and manwhore the usually.in dracut no one takes your shit there are tons a fight and alot of drama. i am 14 year old my birthday is on july 28,1997.  i have two sister one is okay but the other is a devil i swearr. there both 6 and the mad annoying there names are kaydence and maydson. i love rap and hiphop i love to dannce and runn i am a very hyper person. and everyone of you girls out there you are all beatuiful dont let a guy sit there and tell you wrong i dont care wat you say you girls are all beatuiful(: well thats enough about me check out my quotes (:! if you follow me i will follow you back and comment on my profile thanks(:

amazing people<3
Trisina; you are my bestfriend legit i dont know what i would do with out you. you have been with me since day 1 i love you
kaylee;  you are soo funny and nice and i can telll you everythingg
josh&&nick; you two are the best guys friends anyone could ask for you guys are like my brothers always looking out form mee i dont know what i would do if i lost you guys<3
devon; you are soo nice funny and pretty you are one of my bestfriend and are in all my classes <3 loveyou girl
ari<3; you are my baby girl i know you are going through a tuff time right now but i know you willl make the right desions he isnt for you <3 love you and i am always here
sydney; okay well you werein all my classes last year and we were bestfriends <3 but then we sperated and now we are reall good friends again i love you with all my heart and i could ask for a better friend then you are to me if you ever need help with anything or anyone you and call me and i will help you with watever you need(: your beauitful and dont let anyone tell you different !
alicia; well i miss you like crazzyyy ! we used to be bestfriendds ! and i miss it we did legit everything together and now we dont even say to words to each other .. i love you girlyy and i miss youu ..
brian<3; okay well we have been going out for like 2 weeks and i love you with all my heart(: i can trust you with everything and i know we havent been going out for a while but we have been talking for like 1 orr 2 months before we went out but anyway i am in love with you and i couldnt ask for a betteer boyfriend than you. you mean the world to me and i dont know wat i would do with out yoou <3 3-16-12(:

Music <3
i love music <3 honestly if music wasnt here i probally wouldnt be justkidding yes i would but music is my life i teaches me about everything lik life, boys, friends, bestfriends, war everything you want you to know you can have in one song lol. my favorite rappers are lil wayne<3, drake, mac miller, wiz, and more<3 my favorite song of all time right now are it will rain, headlines, how to love <3 i love music(: !

Status:  i love brian pacheco<3

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