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I'm Kaitlyn and I am 18! I believe that everything happens for a reason

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first day oschool
into class , seeing who is in it ,  & thinking
 " you've got to be kidding "

Waitress: What would you like to drink?
Me:  the blood of my enemies.
Waitress: is pepsi okay?


the strands in your eyes«
that color them wonderful;
stop me and steal my breath

make sure your worst enemy doesn't live between your own two ears.
-Laird Hamilton
*watching the Lion King with my dad*

Simba: dad, we're pals right?
Mufasa: of course!

Me: Dad-
Dad: No. 
"I want to be a writer."
"oh really? what would you write about?"
"life. none of this fairytale business, no guy-chases girl bullsh.t, and no vampires. I want heartbreak, I want honest-to-God feelings. I want beautiful tragedies that might leave a person broken, but also show the promise of starting over, and maybe I'll throw some happy endings in there, we'll see. I want to teach my generation what it's like to think for themselves, to form opinions based off of experience and knowledge. But mostly, I want to teach them to love others, regardless of their flaws, because in real-life, you really don't know anyone unless you've been in their head."
People think a soulmate is your perfect fit.
and that's what everyone wants. 
but a true soulmate is a mirror; the person who shows you everything you're holding back. 

a soulmate's purpose is to shake you up, tear apart your ego a little bit, show you your obstacles and addictions,
break your heart so new light can get in


               Maybe that's why, as English speakers, 
               we use words "like" and "um" so much    ;
                  We're always searching for words
                     that aren't   there.
— nayyirah waheed

    won-der-wall, adjective

Someone you find yourself thinking
about all the time, the person you are 
completely infactuated with.


"I'm pretty, but not beautiful. I sin, but I'm not the devil. I'm good, but I'm not an angel."
Marilyn Monroe