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Heyy. My name is Kaitlyn, Kait, or Kaitee. Most people call me Kait. I'm 15. I was first held on April 28th:). I'm a sophmore this year.  I love One Direction, Ed Sheeran, and the Janoskians <3. I'm a dancer. I take nineteen dance classes a week. I have been dancing since i was 3 and competing since i was 6. Yes, dancing is a sport! And if you say it's not, then you are welcome to leave. I'm a gymnast as well. I have been since i was 4. I also play field hockey. I'm really athletic. My biggest dream is to be a model. 
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i thought it was easy, its not. this isnt a "pretty" quote because i forgot how to do that, i dont know what this website has turned into, i hope you guys still help each other. just a tip, dont start cutting, ever, please! im sixteen and i started when i was 14. ive been clean for 2 years, but today i couldnt resist, i gave in. 15 cuts down my wrist. i should be stronger, i am old enough, but it is hard. life is hard and it never gets easier. so please girls, dont ever start! im here to show you that life can only get better if you are strong. find good people, live a happy life! trust witty girls! love you all. im sorry for the depressing quote
Finally Had My
First Kiss!
Im not the girl that no guy likes,
Im the girl that every guy likes.
And let me tell you sweety,
it isnt that easy from my end either...
Last year, at this time, I was cutting. All over, every night. I stopped after 2 months of doing it because of dance. And you know what? Nothing has gotten easier from the time I started cutting. I started because my mom and dad were always fighting and they would take it out on me. And now my dad has left us. I found out that he has a girlfriend. And he has had an affair with my aunt and many other women. He still drinks but you know what? I don't cut anymore. Now I just bottle everything up inside. People still take everything out on me. My life is like a movie and not in a good way.

i think it was better when I cut.

No parent deserves
to plan their child's funeral.

To all of the children and adults that lost their lives today. I cannot even comprehend what this man was thinking when he brought a gun to an elementary school. All families and friends are in my thoughts. God gained some beautiful angels today.
my teacher just told me that I don't need a boyfriend
until I'm old and married...
That awkward moment when
a seven year old teaches you how to use your phone...
*Listening to music from the 60s with my Grandma*

Her: This is a song that was really popular when i was in high school. 
Me: Oh, cool.
Her: We could actually understand what the singer was saying, unlike your music.
Me: ....