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Quotes by kaitlinsara_

Since love made me blind,
you made a fool of me     »    you made it look
so   perfect   when
   it wasn't meant to be.
                                your love made me blind.

Cuz when she's
holding   y o u ,

know that it's killing  m e .


I've always
loved             you,

  i promise i always will.    


I need my sunglasses,
                       cuz he shines so bright.

I cant forget your smile
cuz   it  shines   for


When   you    told
me to forget you

                  I went crazy.


You  ain't
worth the


I thought it was over,
but then I remembered that love lasts forever and we'll be togetherr.

I'll stay with you  forever,

j u s t   a s   l o n g   a s   y o u   l o v e   m e   t o o .


I've never felt this way before,
             but with someone like you it makes sense