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I've been watching American Idol, every day. Watch it. Love it. Sing!
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l{aitlyn r0$3 is my name. (Kaitlyn Rose if you can't read what I just typed... sorry) My carefree attitude isn't something i was born with; it's something i've develped from being screwed over so much. People have taken advantage of me so much, I've just gotten used to it. My best friends are Isaiah (no witty account), @leahhpeakea, and @kimmy_mahone.
 Hahah, i know, i laughed at it too. Get this,,,
Think of a number. Double it. Add six. Half it. Take away the number you started with. Your number is three. Mind=Blown.
~I'm sick of people talking advantage of me~


Quotes by kaitlyn_mcdaniel

Guys are like mascara, they run at the first sight of emotion.


Silence speaks very loudly but it is amazing how many people don’t take the time to listen.

You want a perfect girl? Go buy barbie...

Those days when you wish people you know, never would have found witty...

Remember when you said we'd be best friends forever? What happened to forever...

That awkward moment when your friend is coming over to hang out, they text you "here" and they are already at your door...

If you ask me how I'm doin, I would say I'm doin just fine. I would lie and say that you're not on my mind. But I got out and sit down at a table set for two and finally I'm forced to face the truth. No matter what they say, I'm not over you. 

Whoever likes this, I will follow you all!

Its your fault for everything. At least own it.

Those people that make fun of 

you for your weight, personality, 

or looks are the ones with low self