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Bored. Hmu<3
I have no idea what to write in this boxx!!(:
Not sure about this one eitherrr<3
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Hi My name's Kaitlyn(: I love Black ops,the patriots,We The Kings and My beautiful baby sister Lyllian Alyxandra<3 Clair Mae and Emily Jude are the most amazing people I have ever met and I never want to lose themm(: More then half of my life is spent on witty.. It's my absolute lifee<3
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Quotes by kallyse


 I was only in ISS

for one class period today and I almost strangled the teacher..

I have to be in there for three more days.

Someone's gonna diee!





When your boyfriend gets a hair cut

and you have to pretend

that you're not dieing insidee(:




When the music on your profile totally doesn't match the pretty themee(:
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Why is he with her.. when he clearly could do way betterr!?

He can make everything go wrong faster
than he can make everything go rightt:/

Touch her heart, not her body.
Steal her attention, not her virginity.
Make her smile, don't waist her tears.

For once in my life, things are actually going right..
And I owe it all to himm<3

You're real cool. Do you feel like a tough guy spreading rumors about mee?

Wishing I could take back everything. And hoping I could say things that should have never been left unsaid.

Witty Needs A Chat!! Who Agrees?!(: