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Quotes by kandykyra


I asked


what he thought

of Me

He Replied "abcdefghijk"

So I asked "whats that mean hun?"

He Said "Awful, Beastly,  clownish ,discusting, eew, fugly, gross, hideous---- 

I started crying and said " I don't even want to know what I,J, and K mean"

He laughed and said "Babe calm down, IJK means

I'm just Kidding ;)

I hate him :)



My little brother stomped into my room and through a bra at my face
He then yelled
I wonder what he used it for, and why it didn't work...


"Mom, I swear my room was
clean this morning"

so what happened?
"I got dressed" ♥


T H E  S E N T E N C E  B E L O W  I S  FA LS E .
----> the sentence above is true..



"Cant touch this!!"

well... except for you... you can


Which of these shapes do not belong?
▲ ▲ ▼

----->Just an example of how we've been taught being different is wrong

--------------- ---------------

Morphing you and your crush's names together:

Mira Plumlund
-------------- ---------------
C o m m e n t  w h a t  y o u r s w o u l d  b e

yeah, i talk to other guys,
i laugh with other guys,
& i hug other guys.
but none of them
will ever mean as much
to me as you do.



creating situations

in your head that will never happen.