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you don't like me? that's okay.
you don't think i'm "pretty enough'? everyone has an opinion.
you think i'm a b*tch? sorry, i speak my mind.
you can't stand me? too bad, i wasn't put here to please you.

hi, i'm karlie. i'm 15. i play basketball & it's my life. i'm not the prettiest or the skinniest & some people never let me forget that, but it's whatttever (:


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no, i'm not jealous of her.
i'm jealous of what she has.

because she has;




& please tell me, why do i
fall for your type?



i  mean ,

 i  wish  i  was  cool  like you & talked to 2634638 9 different girls at one time.
cool bro.

fear less , hope more ; whine less , breath more ; talk less , say more ; hate less ; & love more ♥

 dear justin bieber ,
i'm shouting whenever , and you aren't here .

I'll stop loving you when a mute guy tells a deaf guy that a blind guy saw a legless guy walk on water.

Today I was in the car with the 8 year old boy I babysit. He asked to see my iPod so I gave it to him, assuming he would play a fast-paced song. "Love Story" by Taylor Swift started blasting and he started to sing along. I ask why he chose it and he replied, "I wanna know what it feels like to have a princess. I'll find her one day."

little kids give me hope , :)

yesterday , i found out that my two best friends have a list of people they plan on creating on Sims just so they can virtually kill them . my ex-boyfriend is number one on their list , and this is why they are my best friends .
MLIA  ♠?♠ 

Ever since reading this website , I've realized how many people can hide true misery behind smiles .
I care more how people feel, not who they are . I've stopped being self-obsessed with my own issues .
This website has made me into a different person . Except , I love the new
me .

sooo hollywood , last time i woke up , my hair wasn't perfect-o , annnd my make did not look like it was just done . just tellin' yaa (: