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Heyy heyyy heyyyy.

Karlie here! As you can see from my username, i'm very cool! c; Haha, so anyway i'm 13, I blow my candles out on the 13th of March. I am addicted to FOOD. And computers and tv's and all those electronical stuffs. I don't wear makeup really, but when I do all is some concealer and maybe some lip gloss. I can't say i'm the prettiest girl but I am satisified with how i look. I won't be putting any picture of myself on here though, just for privacy purposes.

Please visit my sister, caseythecool (:


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I blame Adam and Eve for not killing the first spider on the earth. If they just killed it there would be no spiders ever... ughh guys who even cares aBOUT THAT SNAKE COME HERE KILL THE SPIDER


Next week on My Strange Addiction:
"Hello, i'm Karlie! I'm 13 years old and i'm addicted to saying swag after every sentence."
Karlie says around 500 sentences a day. That's 500 swag's a day.
me returning to school:
"oh dang it i left my dignity at home"


me flirting: hey you're ugly bye
remember that one time when you turned on your laptop and joined witty and lost your social life
that was fun huh
does anyone else hate the letter "i" or is it just me um. like i hate writing it so much??
my singing voice can easily be described as the beautiful sound of "a screaming rabid cat that is also dying"


Don't you hate it when you accidentally click "Join Witty" and lose your social life
Guys... help. I think I'm sick. I like One Direction's music as of this morning...
What if in the future anti-social computer addicts become the cool people