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Heyy heyyy heyyyy.

Karlie here! As you can see from my username, i'm very cool! c; Haha, so anyway i'm 13, I blow my candles out on the 13th of March. I am addicted to FOOD. And computers and tv's and all those electronical stuffs. I don't wear makeup really, but when I do all is some concealer and maybe some lip gloss. I can't say i'm the prettiest girl but I am satisified with how i look. I won't be putting any picture of myself on here though, just for privacy purposes.

Please visit my sister, caseythecool (:


Quotes by karliethecool

i either post like 20 quotes in one day or no quotes within a whole week there is no inbetween
mom i can't go to school today i think i've got "the ugly"
sorry i can't come to your party tomorrow because my mom grounded me from going to my friends parties when i was 6 im so so sorry
Sometimes I wondr if some of you guys purposely put typos in your guotes just foy comment notifiycations. 
"I too have friends!! I just give them the silence treatmeant alot!"
I want to be social but there's this thing called the internet.. so no I will not come to your party.
Music saves my everyday.

Woah oh, woah oh I'm,
radioactive, radioactive.

I just want to get out of this hell they call

i'm the girl who's always judged.