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Heyy heyyy heyyyy.

Karlie here! As you can see from my username, i'm very cool! c; Haha, so anyway i'm 13, I blow my candles out on the 13th of March. I am addicted to FOOD. And computers and tv's and all those electronical stuffs. I don't wear makeup really, but when I do all is some concealer and maybe some lip gloss. I can't say i'm the prettiest girl but I am satisified with how i look. I won't be putting any picture of myself on here though, just for privacy purposes.

Please visit my sister, caseythecool (:


Quotes by karliethecool

I just wish I could be attractive without all the makeup..
Does anyone else wonder what it would be like to be a boy or is that just me...?
Yesterday I was in the forever 21 store and there were these two boys in there with their sister and she was picking out bras for herself and her brothers were like "LOL BOOBIES" and then they picked up like 10 bras and started running around the store saying "BOOBIES BOOBIES LOL"

They looked like they were about 13 or 14 what the hell?
Stop being so cute OMG
That amazing when you discover a new amazing song (:
Why don't you love meeee
I miss the way we used to talk all the time.
I hate the way i'm almost always the tallest girl in my class. It makes me stand out. I hate standing out...
Only 3 more weeks until the end of school!!
Watched Madeline in French class today.. it was so cute.
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