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Heyy heyyy heyyyy.

Karlie here! As you can see from my username, i'm very cool! c; Haha, so anyway i'm 13, I blow my candles out on the 13th of March. I am addicted to FOOD. And computers and tv's and all those electronical stuffs. I don't wear makeup really, but when I do all is some concealer and maybe some lip gloss. I can't say i'm the prettiest girl but I am satisified with how i look. I won't be putting any picture of myself on here though, just for privacy purposes.

Please visit my sister, caseythecool (:


karliethecool's Favorite Quotes

It's terrible that people
actually hate themselves
because they aren't a certain weight
or don't have certain grades.

It's even worse that people will
physically cut themselves open
because they don't like certain things
or don't have a certain amount of friends. 

They're terrified of being judged 
or criticized 
because they don't look like the cover of that magazine.

So maybe if we showed people
that it is okay to be who they are,
rather than just saying,
"don't be afraid to be you!"
or, "just be confident" 
then maybe there would be
less people with slashes on their wrists
and less notes ending with "I'm sorry that I wasn't good enough" 

Shoutout to the ones
Who wait all year just to tell their friends 'I havn't showered since last year' at 12:00 on January 1st.
Band member: *Smiles into crowd*
12 year old fangirl: Sweet Jesus he just smiled at me, and we so have a connection. He gave me that smirk like I was the most beautiful things he's ever need. And I think he winked at me and omg what if we get married?

today i was at the gym and as i walked to the showers i heard loud music coming from a room at the end of the hallway, so i walked over to see what was going on. there, in a darkened room, a middle aged man was alone, peddling furiously on one of the bike machines and passionately mouthing the words to "single ladies".

me in the evening:oh, staying up late isn't bad, I'll manage tomorrow
me in the morning:AM I A F-CKING IDIOT

the main thing i hate about christmas is the fact i'm too poor to buy lovely gifts
for all the sweet people in my life that deserve them


Today my dad was singing Christmas carols in the kitchen
He knows how long you sleep in
Dad:He knows that you've been baked

He knows you spend all day online so you better hope your grandma gets you something nice because Santa is done with your sh-t

finals week
fneals weix
nfels wix
nelft ix

''Puts earbuds in''
Parents: iebdwibtifhd
Me: what
Me: what
Me: ''takes out earbuds''
Me: ''puts earbuds back 
That moment when you accidentally throw something away and then later realize that you actually needed it?

Haha, I did this with my life.