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i say what i want. when i want to say it.

Quotes by karolinelovesyoux3

when you feeling down,
just stand up<3

when the rain is blowing in your face,
and the whole world is on ur case,
i could offer u a warm embrace to make you feel my love<3
i dont just like you...
i love you..

to bad u dont feel the same.
im not not two-faced
im broken...

Sparks Don't Fly...anymore

im done with being called names...im done with calling u my "friend" bcuz ur not, u tlk sh*t about me behind my back...and im just done.

i wish my relationships
were like the ones in books

im an only child.
but i have sisters<3 
these girls i can run to, to cry on there sholder
they my true sisters<3
and no one can ever replace it.

you used to make me happy....
now u make me wana cry..
im done with all of this.

your smile is the greatest revenge :)