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I got to get over you some how even though you make me want to scream out loud, got to get me face back out the ground got to get my head back in the clouds your love is like a battle field that I can't Win.


|||||| We're Talking Again||||||

Second Try
Second Chance

But once your first time ends
the trust I had for youwill never be restored.


I hate when girls put them selves down,
but boys I blame you.
Boys are the main cause of a girls insecurities.
  It's your job to not only tell us were beautiful
but make us feel it.
The girls you don't tell
don't know what it's like
to feel beautiful
there for they simply tell them selves they're not .



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Anyone else go on witty in school ?

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That awkward moment

When you're trapped in the corner
of the shower because the cold water is running



I wish my grades

could smoke weed
and get higher.




Dear Boys,

If you are ever stuck between
2 girls

» pick the second one because
If you truly liked the first one, you would not have fallen for the second in the first place


Its all  and games
Until someone gets