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Hay I'm Kat im 15 and a sophomore in high school! Just getting by each day by listening to music! Loving the Beatles forever but i like Mayday Parade and The Summer Set too!

Quotes by kat37

Drake and Josh Quotes #1
Josh: It's like girls and I speak different languages. They speak English, I speak Idiot.
So I was just wondering....
Does anyone know what Drake and Josh's mom's name was on the show?
Signs that things arnt going well #2
A zombie groaning "brains" just looked at you then turned away and stumbled off.

Signs that things arnt going well #3
Your parents just complimented what you're wearing.
Signs that things arnt going well #1
Your closest friend is Cleverbot.

If all else fails:
stop using all else.

Headphones (noun) -
- A device used to hide the fact that you are eavesdropping.  
Experience (noun) -
The name men give to their mistakes.  

Times when YOLO is defied 

The temple run guy when he resurrects
When people die and get shocked back

I  swear no one can;
spell awkward. I hate seeing quotes that say "that akward moment when" all I can ever think is that aWkward moment when you can't spell awkward.