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The quotes below describe my life, but my life is constantly changing, so they change a lot too.
For example, right now I am on a huge Mumford kick but a week ago I was obsessed with Billy Joel.
Oh and I love cookie dough ice cream, that will never change.
My love for the select few people who i can trust with everything and anything will never change as well.
This page isn't for anyone but myself, so if you don't like the quotes or my opinions then I will gladly send you on your way.

If you have any questions, comments, or you just want to talk you can always comment: ) i still haven't really figured out the whole chat thing on here/if it even exists.
Have a nice life<3


Quotes by katdesroc

And he called me beautiful.
He kissed me under the stars as we laid in the middle of the golf course.
Appearances are easy to keep when we live in such a fake world.
Your name should be changed to that word
that starts with a d and ends with an e
and also has an ouch in the middle.
Because it hurt like heII
when I found out you basically cheated on me
AND led me on.
I've never dreaded doing
something more than
I dread breaking up
with you.
I have a theory
that the taller you are
the more awkward you get.
There's definetly more than one kind of heartbreak.
Pray for Boston

scary to think that something so terrible could happen only 30 miles away
And he called me PERFECT.
Just think of how stupid this entire LGBT debacle will look like in say 50 years.
People in 50 years will look at it the same way we look at the fight for evolution (aka Scopes Trial),
and the fight for women's rights. Both of those things we consider totally normal today, so why can't we take the issue of the right for homosexuals to marry in stride and not makes fools of ourselves? This is a perfect example of history repeating itself and humanity not learning from mistakes of the past. Personally, as a Catholic, I support gay rights. I believe strongly in the Golden Rule and I apply it to LGBT rights as well. I understand that God says it is a sin to be a homosexual. But "catholic" also means "UNIVERSAL'. So how can the Roman Catholic Church be universal if we don't acknowledge the rights of ALL people? I'm not suggesting that the church has to accept them, but they don't have to ice them out either. God wants us to spread his world to ALL the ends of the earth. I'm pretty sure that people who are gay come before the ends of the earth.