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Quotes by kateb123

" it's gonna be okay.. "
yeah, of course you can say that because it's not happening to you.

but i'm still not ok.


" it's gonna be okay.. "
yeah, of course you can say that because it's not happening to you.

I'd try to go on like I never knew you
I’m awake but my world is half asleep
I pray for this heart to be unbroken
But without you all I’m going to be is

Whenever you need me,
I'm there.

Whenever I need you,
you're not.

Format by Sandrasaurus

i'd rather argue with him than fall madly in love with someone else ♥


90% of people marry their

7th-12th grade love ♥

Since you have read this, you will be told good news tonight.

IF you don’t repost this, your worst week starts now.

"If you're the girl that needs a boyfriend, and once she loses that boyfriend needs to replace it with a different boyfriend, it's just this constant stream of boyfriends all the time. I don't feel like I ever want to be that girl. I want to be the girl that when she falls in love, it's a big deal and it's a rare thing."

~Taylor Swift

I hate myself

for ever saying no to you.

because now...i would do anything to have one second with you.



When you carry a Bible,
the devil gets a headache.
When you open it, he collapses.
When he sees you reading it, he faints.
When he sees you living it, he flees.
And just when you're about to re-post this, he will try & discourage you.
I just defeated him.

Favorite, copy & paste this if you're in God's army!

Steve Jobs

was born out of wedlock

put up for adoption at birth

dropped out of college

and changed the world.

What's your excuse?