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Haii there My name is Katie i'm not the best at writing these things i shall try and keep it short and sweet:)...Music means more to me than most things it's gotten me through a lot i don't think i could live without it i have a lot of favorite bands including All Time Low, Mayday Parade, We are the in crowd, You Me At Six and Never Shout Never i love going to see live music it's the best thing, going to concerts makes me feel invicible whilst im there, the atomosphere is always amazing people join together to enjoy the same thing's as you do
Please if you would like to talk, Comment also i'm here for anybody who wants to just talk :D xoxo
Take me to a place
where the doors are open, a lovely little place where no one is broken.
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kateehkrackwhore's Favorite Quotes

Maybe it'not alwayabout trying

to fix something broken. 
M a y b e  i t ' s  a b o u t   s t a r t i n g  o v e r 

(OneDirection FORMAT)


Bad day? Put your hand over your chest. Feel that beat? That's called purpose. You're here for a reason. Don't leave without one.

You believe lies;
trust none
B U T  Y O U R S E L F .

             notice me        


   I can't take being alone anymore,                 i've been so alone my whole life.


"It's not suicide," she said, "if you're already dying."


All those fairy tales are full of sh/t
One more f*cking love song I'll be sick


If happy ever after

did exist I would still

holding you like this


I'm so loved by

everyone around me.

The boys are always knocking at my door and I have an amazing social life. I'm constantly going to parties like every weekend it's crazy. Oh, and I'm super smart too. I'm always getting A's. I have a perfect body. I'm super skinny with curves, hair that goes all the way down to my butt, and huge boobs. When it comes to staying in shape, you'll always see me on a sports teams. How do I balance it all you ask? It's because I'm so perfect...

Said no one, EVER.

If everyone knows it's so impossible to be this perfect person society wants everyone to be,

why is society's perception of beauty so distorted? Why, if it's so obvious what it's doing to people, hasn't it changed?

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