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"imperfection is beauty, madness is genius, and it is better to be absolutely riduiculous than absolutely boring" -- marilyn monroe

i live on these quotes. you guys seem to understand my life in a few simple words. i feel closer sometimes with you all than my actual friends. its weird not even speaking to you but i feel like i know you guys. 

well about me? hmmm, i'm 16 & a junior. i love love love my guy friends, they make me laugh and i have the best times with them. my girls know the words before i speak them.

YES, i have had my heart broken, sometimes we all get it broken right when we think we wont. by the people we never suspected. forgive and forget? sometimes, but not always. it hurts, but eventually ill live, just gonna take time. 

i love food, sometimes too much? nahh, impossible. i love movies. a good cry never hurt anyone. running rules my life. i hate drama. screw the haters. and the back stabbers. if your that low, your not even worth my time. im generally a nice person but don't cross me because second chances rarely come by. 

and remember, 

life is too short to wake up in the morning with regrets. so love the people who treat you right. forget the ones that don't. believe everything happens for a reason. if you get a chance, take it. if it changes your life, let it. nobody said it would be easy they just promised it would be worth it. 


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credit to me no jocking
please.. i need your help. and your guidance and your love. i miss seeing you everyday and having you scream hey! to me everytime i walked into class. you didnt care if people looked at you weird you did it anyways. i miss that. i want that back. i see you in the halls now and you see me and we just look at eachother for a couple seconds and then quickly look away and act like neither of us saw the other one but we both know that isnt true, we both know what was and what can never can be again.

isnt it sad, that i could be in the worst mood and not even my best friend of 8 years could make me smile but the moment i see you or hear you laugh, i immediatley smile? man, that laugh, oh that laugh:) i could listen to that laugh all day, or that smile! i could stare at the smile every moment of every day and never get tired of it. or those beatiful eyes that make my heart melt<3 all i want is you. forever and always. but forever is a long time and i dont think you want me forever or always but babe just listen. ill be here when you want me and even when you dont. no matter what you have done ill always love you and care about you. always. just please, please dont forget me..

I cant hold it in much longer.
it isnt possible.
i can fill your void with other guys
and other things.
but the harder i try the more
i realize that i love you.
only you.
and nothing is ever gonna change that



I'm your bestfriend
I'd gladly take a bullett for you
but sometimes,
that only goes so far.
when i get to the point
where i have lie over and over again
to some of my bestfriends
about something i shouldnt
even have been involved in
in the first place,
thats my breaking point.
thats where i stop.
and decide if its worth it.
you should have not involved me in this anyway
this isnt my problem.
its yours.
respect me enought to realize
you shouldnt have put me in this situation.

happiness is the secret to all beauty.
there is no beauty that is attractive without happiness.
- christian dior <3
this isnt a qoute or anything but how do you do really cool stuff to your profile like add scroll things and all those pictures and stuff? andboxes that u can scroll down with info about you?
:) thank god for that!
im gonna make a promise right now.
and i want you to lock this message so if i slip up.  you can remind me.
okay here is what i promise. i promise that i will make the best out of every situation possible. to see things from every angle. not get mad about the little things. and not let people walk all over me. i promise to not be consumed in drama or involve myself in uneeded situations. and to be true to myself and my real friends. and to make sophmore junior and senior year the best years of our lives:) that is my promise.

i sent this in a text to one of my best friends aly. :):)
Thank You

For being there for me
For giving me things that I obviously don't deserve
For being nice to me while everbody else judged me
For making me smile and laugh all the time
For making me feel good about myself
For being my best friend
For being...

a part of my life

credit to Titan4life
i believe in the sun even when its not shining,
                i believe in the truth even when i dont know what it is,
i believe in love even when i dont feel it.
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