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"imperfection is beauty, madness is genius, and it is better to be absolutely riduiculous than absolutely boring" -- marilyn monroe

i live on these quotes. you guys seem to understand my life in a few simple words. i feel closer sometimes with you all than my actual friends. its weird not even speaking to you but i feel like i know you guys. 

well about me? hmmm, i'm 16 & a junior. i love love love my guy friends, they make me laugh and i have the best times with them. my girls know the words before i speak them.

YES, i have had my heart broken, sometimes we all get it broken right when we think we wont. by the people we never suspected. forgive and forget? sometimes, but not always. it hurts, but eventually ill live, just gonna take time. 

i love food, sometimes too much? nahh, impossible. i love movies. a good cry never hurt anyone. running rules my life. i hate drama. screw the haters. and the back stabbers. if your that low, your not even worth my time. im generally a nice person but don't cross me because second chances rarely come by. 

and remember, 

life is too short to wake up in the morning with regrets. so love the people who treat you right. forget the ones that don't. believe everything happens for a reason. if you get a chance, take it. if it changes your life, let it. nobody said it would be easy they just promised it would be worth it. 


Quotes by katey101

is a four letter word,
love is a four letter lie.
its so easy to say,
yet so hard to mean.
Our Freshman year is over.
One year of our life...gone.
We always wanted to be older.
Be able to do more,
See more,
Love more.
And now, one year is gone.
We only have 3 years left.
3 years left to be kids.
Go Crazy,
Go Wild,
And just be ourselves.
In 3 years were gonna wish.
Wish we had done more.
I dont want to wish.
I dont want to have regrets.
I want to look back and think,
Damn. We were crazy.
But hey, we were kids.
Thats what we were suppose to do.

They say that all good  
things must come to an end,

but what about great things?
"i hope
that you could understand that this is not what i had planned, please dont worry now it will turn around, cause i need more time, just a few more months and we'll be fine, so say whats on your mind cause i cant figure out
just what's inside"

sorry colors suckk, but all minee.
from my fav song, more time, by
NeedToBreathe <3
is not something we do
for other people,
We do it for ourselves
to get well and
Move On.
My Best Friend?
x_shes the one i thought she wouldnt turn on me,
x_but i guess she did.
x_well she ditched me.
x_lied to me.

x_turned to someone she said she wouldnt be.
x_turned her back on me on.
x_acted like she was my best friend.
x_thinks shes cool because she hangs with older people.
x_and if she wants to be my friend again,
x_i'll just say
screw it<3

love this qoute it is so my friend rachel.
not minee
credit to SoftballBabe2 for qoute and fading.
i never thought we wouldnt be friends. i trusted you. you were my best friend. i cried when you cried. i hugged you when you needed a hug and even when you didnt. i was always there for you. you were never there for me but you know what. thats okay cause i was the one who didnt complain or say anything cause i always though, she has enough on her plate she doesnt need my problems too. i miss you. my life is a mess. ive lost so many good friends. i never thought i would lose you. my best friend. if im gone tomorrow i dont want to regret being friends with you because i dont. you gave me everything someone should have in a friend. but in the end. i was still last. you choose them over me. i dont know what i did to deserve this but i know its my fault. i should of tried harder. i should have been a better friend. i should have known better. i will always be here. i promise.

sorry, venting.
Best Friends.
What an overused word.

and honey,
those cuts across
her wirsts,
they werent accidents.
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