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My name is Katlyn.
I love bright colors.
Music and poems are my addictions. (i don't put the good ones on here though)
I love summer, and my favorite thing about the winter is the snow fights, and in the fall you can have bonfires...
I love my friends but sometimes I just feel alone.
i have an amazing boyfriend named Nick<3
Just take the time to get to know me :) And I guarentee we will get along...

Quotes by katie1120

Gotta Love Taylor Swift quotes......

do we bother with love if it never lasts......?

Mine by Taylor Swift
  --Mine no jocking.....
It's kinda funny how he says your the best girlfriend he had and tells you how much he loves you and then turns around and breaks up with you for another girl...
You said:
I'll never hurt you
I'll treat you better than he did
I'll be here no matter what
 You're different
I'm not like anyother

What you meant:
I'm going to hurt you
I'll treat you better but i' still going to hurt you
I'm only going to be here for a lil while
Your just like the rest
I'm just like all the others and im going to hurt you
Sorry... I'm venting

Are your parents artists?

Yes. Why?

That explains why you're such a masterpeice.

So i sit here and think of him
Knowing that just a few hours ago i was in his arms
He holds me so tight and so close all i wanna do is smile
He's my light on a dark cloudy night
He brings out the kid in me
And all i know is i want him to be my prince
U know the stories you're mom used to tell you
As you were going to sleep
That always had the happily ever after ending
Well i want him to be my fairytale ending

(He is the person i write about on witty (: and makes me want to write again... I <3 Cody)
(This is about my uncle, He's been on 5 tours to Iraq and now he's going to Afganistan. I don't know if you'll like this but i hope so.)


He lives each day knowing he will soon be back
Be back across the world
He looks at his sweet baby girl with tear filled eyes
Knowing he will doon be leaving
So he distants hisself from everyone

This is a cycle he has grown used to
He leaves for a year & then he's back
Everyday is a challenge
For he is a soldier

As I look into his eyes
I can tell he's seen alot of hard times
He goes & fights for his country
His daughter & his family
This is his job
He is a soldier

You said you'd always love me
& we'd always be friends
You said there never be another quite like me
BUt then i said the dreaded 2 words
"it's over"
It''s funny how fast your act changed
You were in love with her
She was your new queen
And then you said you hated me
& at that point i seen the real you and my feelings made a 360
I seen the real you because i wasn't blinded anymore

You were right there will never be another quite like me
I'm my own and i won't believe anothers lies
and now i have him
He brought the light into my life and made me realize
What i was missing with you
But the funny thing is you're the one getting hurt
You're the one who is chasing me
Not like you thought HUH?

Maybe you should think twice before you start telling your lies again

I love you more than than the moon and the stars, i love you more than the trees and the grass, i love you more than the sun and earth... I love you moe than i could ever explain

                                         My boyfriend told me this, kinda corney but i know he meant it. (: