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It's hard to swin
in a world so shallow
Hey there beautiful <3 
I see you have stumbled upon my profile!
first of all i waned to let you all know that you are all beautiful in your own way.
you all deserve the best and i want to let you know that you are so loved.
Well i am 13 years young i blow out the candels on april 10th! 
any birthday twins!?
I love reading it is my escape from the world. 
I love to bake whenever i can and i love hanging out with my friends.
I of course have a HIM.
witty profiles is my love and you guys are all so amazing!!!!! stay true guys i love you and you have gotton me through so much!!!


You are so beautful and dont ever forget it <3

Quotes by katie321

She drags the blade
across her skin.
Her skin so white
and paper thin.
The blood is streaming 
down her arm.
she never thought
she'd do herself harm.
She knows oneday
these cuts will heal.
and it's worth it, just for a 
moment, not to feel.

It's funny how much pain 

                                    A smile can hide.

                                                 my quote please dont steal

I know most of you wont look at this quote because its not pretty but i must say this. Today is our one year anniversry and i dont regret any of it i dont know what i would do  with out you. You have gotten me through all my rough times and happy times. You are part of my family now you are a part of me and i dont know what i would do with out you you are so amazing and i love you. 
Thank you witty <3

Steve, I just wanted to say thank you.
You have helped girls all over the world with all of their problems with making this website and helped us create greater bonds and be able to meet all these amazing girls and guys that have all become part of our own little witty family. You have to go through all of out one direction quotes and stupid stuff but you still deal with it you and so amazing and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. <3 
We Love Steve



Fact: Marshmellows make your boobs bigger.


j a y c i e c u t i e 0 1 's format
That awkward moment when...
You don't shave for a few days and you feel like a walking cactus

On my dads ipone lisining to one direction and he walks by:
Me: Forever young i wanna be forever-
My dad: O so thats why you like one direction you don't like there voices their just 5 extremely cute boys!
Me: -_-

True story

Whats wrong with me?
I used to be so strong but now at 
the mention of his name i almost start crying
for no reason at all. 


                    (n.) a look shared by two people, each
                      wishing that the other would initiate
                      something they both desire but which
                      naither wants to begin